Bulletproof Coffee - Coffee with... butter? As mentioned during a segment about Fat Water on TV.

Over the past year or so I've heard the term Bulletproof Coffee but assumed (incorrectly it seems) that it was just a strong coffee.

Sometimes I live under a rock.

This is in part because I do not watch television.  I quit watching in the Fall of 1998 or 1999 and I've never looked back - so it was only by accident I was traveling this weekend and was trying to enjoy a quiet hotel breakfast one morning when the blaringly loud and ever present hotel television was on behind me.  This of course meant I could hear the morning talk show yapping away while I tried to drink my coffee and eat my reconstituted scrambled eggs.

And they were talking about Fat Water - (water with oil added for health benefits) and mentioned Bulletproof coffee.  The word "coffee" got my attention and it was even more so piqued when they discussed how this coffee had butter added to it.

Since the segment was on Fat Water, not coffee, I tucked it away in my brain until I returned home.  And this morning, that is where this post comes from.

I've never tried it of course, but it seems it's getting pretty good reviews by thousands of people who have.  Here is what I found out about the coffee and the sister-product, "Brain Octane".

Bulletproof® Intro Kit (Amazon Exclusive) 12 oz ground coffee, 16 oz Brain Octane

  • Coffee without the crash
  • Free of unhealthy levels of coffee mold toxins
  • Lab tested using proprietary Bulletproof® ProcessTM
  • 1 Bulletproof® Ground CoffeeTM (12 oz), 1 bottle of Brain OctaneTM Oil (16 fluid oz)
  • Brain OctaneTM Oil provides fast energy for the brain and immune support

Product Description

Bulletproof® Coffee is a single estate coffee, lab tested for purity using the proprietary Bulletproof® ProcessTM. Bulletproof® Coffee Beans are meticulously grown at high altitude on single estates, harvested, carefully processed and shipped to eliminate inflammation-causing, performance-robbing mold toxins commonly found in coffee. The Bulletproof Process uses proprietary lab testing to verify that our coffee meets precise purity standards for increased human performance. Start the morning right with a 100% Arabica coffee chosen for clean, bright flavor. Combine it with grass-fed, unsalted butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane for a morning like no other. Loaded with beneficial antioxidants, you will feel the Bulletproof Coffee difference with your first cup.  

Pure Bulletproof Brain OctaneTM has up to 18x more power than coconut oil for enhanced cognitive function, and is the most valuable medium chain triglyceride derived primarily from coconut oil (or palm kernel when required). Brain Octane is most rapidly metabolized into ketones, providing a quick source of brain fuel from fats rather than inflammation-causing sugar. Adding Brain Octane to your diet helps you maintain peak mental performance. Brain Octane also supports healthy digestion and immune function. Liquid at room temperature.

For nutrition information I hit up their official website, where you can read the facts about all their products.

Am I sold?  Kind of...  Maybe. Maybe not.  You see, I already know the health benefits of butter and it's the only spread we use not only for toast and breads, but for all my baking and cooking.  No melted Barbie Doll legs for me (margarine) or other scary products.  Just pure, real butter.  And Lord knows I drink my coffee.  So in a way, I'm already getting my coffee and fats; just not in the same cup.

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