LOVE these mugs: Mr. and Mrs. Matching Coffee Mugs with bible verse as well as non-bibical versions!

This morning's post originated from my caffeine fueled brain when I was brewing my second cup of coffee and was mindlessly staring and reading (for perhaps the two hundredth time) the bible verse inside my coffee mug;   "For I have found the one my heart loves" - Song of Solomon, 3:4

It's printed inside my coffee cup and it makes me smile (still, to this day) to read it whenever I use this particular coffee mug.

My husband has the matching mug;  we got them for each other a year or two (?) ago.  We both loved them so much (in style, comfort and quality) that I bought a matching set for our oldest daughter and her husband last year for Christmas.

Here you can see the bible verse that makes me smile when I enjoy my morning coffee from this mug.

We bought ours separately at a local Christian bookstore for about $12.99 each, but this morning I found the 'set' for about $20 on Amazon.  These make a wonderful wedding gift, bridal shower gift or Anniversary present.

You can also buy them separately - one at a time if you want a gift for a Birthday or perhaps Father's or Mother's Day or if you are buying the gift for your spouse on your Anniversary.

There are also many other versions - some are 'fun' and comical, others are hunting and camouflage based and others are just absolutely gorgeous and stunning - like this set (that I don't own but I love it!).

Actually, if I order my husband and I another set, it would probably be this one - or the black and white 'watercolor' style print below.

You might also be interested in other versions available from Amazon;

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