Product Review: Blow up travel pillow for camping, travel (Compressible Pillow)

In April I ordered 2 blow up pillows for our camping and emergency bags.  After a lot of research I chose the ones I wanted, they arrived and I was happy with them.  Folding completely flat, they fit great in the backpacks and yet when blowing them up, they were a good size for my head, have an indentation in the center to allow for some neck support, and I found it quite comfortable.  (NOTE:  Do not over inflate it, nor blow it up all the way.  Stop blowing when it's got some 'give' to it.  You can add or remove more air to find the level of inflation you like best.  Just like some people like soft pillows, others prefer firm.  This is the same idea.
  • Size: 43cm x 27cm
  • Inflated Size: 40 x 25 x 10cm

Since I liked this pillow, I went back on Amazon in July to order a couple more to put in 2 emergency 'get home' bags in family vehicles.  The pillows are from China and normally run about $3-4 each but they also raise and lower their price based on the market.  When I was going to order, they had gone up to $7, so I went in search of the exact pillow by another seller.  (When dealing with Chinese sellers on Amazon there are a hundred different names selling the exact same product so it pays to do your homework for best pricing but be VERY careful to research the small print carefully as they often lie, misrepresent product, steal images from other sites, etc.). 

I found what looked to be the exact same pillow - in the $3.18 price range and the measurements listed were the same as well.  However, what I got was NOT the same.  It was much smaller than represented in their description.  See my photo below comparing them side by side.  The quality (as you can see) is also not comparable.

If you are looking for a cheap but decent blow up pillow, I hope this post helps you in comparing a couple of them.  There are better quality pillows out there - but my budget was in the $3 range. 

This is the one I ordered 2 of in April and loved:  Tenflyer Outdoor Camping Traveling Beach PVC Inflatable Pillow Mattress Tent Use (Grey)

This is the one I would NOT order from unless you are looking for a very small pillow that isn't as good quality:  LSD Double Sided flocking Air Inflatable Pillow random color

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