Back to the 50's.... Iced Coffee that is!

Source:  Good Housekeeping in 1957

I'm sipping iced coffee this morning (because it's after 11:am and I've already had 3 cups of hot, strong, black coffee so far this morning... don't judge me).  I am gearing up for a product review that involves a brand new product to make your iced coffee but that got me thinking about iced coffee in general and I stumbled upon a quick little recipe Good Housekeeping posted way back in 1957.  

Today I tend to make my iced coffee a variety of ways; from using leftover coffee in my mug that got too cool to drink because I was busy working and ignored it, to brewing strong espresso strength and cooling it down specifically for iced coffee or one of my summer favorites; using my Mr. Coffee 20-Ounce Frappe Maker... yada yada.  There's lots of ways.  But back in the 50's most things were a little more time consuming to do... including coffee.  But if you want to be authentic, and make it the popular housewife magazines instructed to do back then, here it is!

Old Fashioned Iced Coffee

For 6 ounces of iced coffee:

In a small pitcher or 1-quart measuring cup, whisk together 1/3 cup ground coffee and 1 1/3 cups cold water until all the lumps are gone. Cover tightly and refrigerate for at least 5 hours, but it's best left overnight (not much longer or it'll get bitter).

Strain the coffee through a coffee filter-lined strainer set over a tall glass of ice, pushing it through with a spatula.

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