Coffee & The Morning News: When charity takes something you didn't want donated

Atlanta area charity to reimburse Watkinsville man for missing property

Reading this little article in the news this morning, I was reminded of when a similar situation happened to my husband and I.  This was many years ago, when we were a young couple with a new baby, renting a home outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

In our case, I had set up a pick-up date for a local charity to come to get a few items.  When you place the call, they specifically ask you what you are donating and they write it on the ticket.  "2 bags of clothes, 1 box of household goods, 1 chair"  etc.  In our case it was a couple bags of items and my directions were the 2 bags would be left on the deck at the top of the driveway.

When I returned home from work that afternoon I was happy to see the 2 bags were gone and the receipt was hanging on our doorknob.  However, something was 'off' so I stopped and looked around.  Behind the deck, on the ground, about 4 feet below, and leaning up against our house used to be a 10-speed bike and 2 folding patio chairs.  Now gone!  The charity drivers not only took the 2 bags of clothing from the deck as directed to on the paper (and my receipt showed the 2 bags listed by their company for pick up) but they took it upon themselves to walk around the deck, on ground level, to the side of the house in back of the deck, to take our bike and 2 chairs.

I was not happy!  A call to the charity resulted in a 'eh' response.  "Anything that is sitting out, gets taken"  "Our drivers just take whatever is sitting there." 

Except it wasn't just "sitting there".  These items were not listed to be picked up, and were not near the 2 bags that were.

My calls got transferred to people and no one had any answers and couldn't account for it so in the end, I decided to just let it go.  The bike was about 10 years old and the chairs were a couple seasons old anyway.

But still...  I do wonder how many people have things taken by drivers either accidentally or on purpose, as the man in the news article did.

It's just the coffee talking...........

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