Making a simple 72 hour emergency kit for my pets - right next to my 'get home bag' in my truck

There are emergency pet kits, 72 hour kits, 'bug out bags', 'get home bags', travel, hiking and camping pet kits... and the list goes onI'm going to talk about the simple-basics bag I have for my pets in the back of my truck at all times - whether they are with me or not.  It stays in my truck along with my own "get home bag" - always there - so I never have to think about it.

The kit in the back of my truck for my dogs is a simple 72 hour kit I keep there in case I'm out and about with the dogs and they need food or water, they decide to poo someplace I need to pick it up, I need a leash at the last second, I need a tie-out or we get stuck running errands or on the road in traffic or bad weather longer than I anticipated and they need meals or exercise, etc.  

It's not long term.  It's just me being prepared to help my dogs out with their basic needs if we find ourselves stuck somewhere 'away from home' unexpectedly.  (We have cats but it's doubtful they are ever with me... they hate riding in vehicles and protest loudly and non-stop.)

The basics currently in my kit are;
  • A collapsible bowl for food or water
  • Dog Food
  • Water
  • Extra leash
  • 25 foot tie-out with a loop I can hook around my trailer hitch
  • Pet waste bags
  • Blanket

Many people also like to include;
  • Veterinarian's phone number
  • A copy of your pet's proof of rabies vaccination's
  • Important medical history
  • Your dogs medications for pain or allergies
  • A current color photograph of you and your pet together (in case you are separated)
  • Dog toys and/or treats
  • An extra pet's ID tag on the backpack,  with your cell phone number. 
  • A small first aid kit for your pet's mishaps
  • A glow stick you can hang from their collar if you have to walk at night
  • 2 or more tubes Nutri-Cal Concentrated Dog Food

I have two big dogs so I don't buy little tiny meaty packs of dog food like this regularly, but I had ran to the store to buy a box of these when I was trying to rescue a skittish stray mama-dog.  I decided these would be excellent to keep in my truck as emergency food for my own dogs as well as when I come across dogs that need help or food.  These are the Purina Moist & Meaty With Cheddar Cheese Flavor, 144-Ounce Box which you can order online or buy at your local store.  I like that they are individually wrapped so I can use one or two at a time and not have a large open container or bag, and I don't have to smell the dog food. 

I picked up a Travel Collapsible Dog Bowl - which I love.  It's a silicone bowl that is large when extended, but folds flat for easy storage!!  I'm going to take a moment to also explain that because I have a very sensitive nose and can't stand the smell of dog and cat foods, I opted to use a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System to seal the individual bags of dog food.  Some I put 3-4 in a quart sized vacuum seal bag and sealed up for long term.

You can see how it sucks the excess air out, seals them tight - not only allowing them to take up less space, but double sealed means a long shelf life and I can't smell it at all!

I really like this option too.  I opened one of the food bags and put pieces of kibble into a food sealer and LOVE how it turned out.  You can use your own dog food this way and not have to buy anything extra.  Just scoop your dog or cats normal sized portions into a food sealer bag, vacuum, seal and store!

I do not have this but it is next on my list!

While I planned my emergency kit for 'in truck', I decided recently to kill two birds with one stone.  I've started to look at dog backpacks - with the intention of transferring their kits to two of these bags.  This way I have their emergency items with me for extra long errand days or unexpectedly long trips - but I also would have the option of leaving the truck and walking home if I had to - with the dogs carrying their own supplies.
There are many versions available and I'll post a couple at the end of this post, but I'm looking at a camouflage version like the  Waterproof Nylon Dog Backpack

Note on foods:  for our in-home emergency I like to stock freeze dried foods.  They also make dog and cat food in freeze-Dried versions which I like for how light weight they are - BUT if you opt for this style, remember you need EXTRA water for this.  Above and beyond the water your dog or cat need to drink, these need to be reconstituted. 

There are so many more options and things I'd like to add to this post but it is far too long as it is.  (It's just the coffee talking again....).  I'll add a bunch of links to different related products below and you can start your own search for items and ideas you might want to add to your own pet emergency kit - personalized to what your needs and wants are. 

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