Idea: Coffee Themed Halloween Costumes!

As the calendar turned over to October this week, I started to think about Halloween and what my youngest daughter might be this year.  She isn't a 'little' anymore and is off at school, but she has a great creative mind and I love to see what she comes up with.  That got me thinking about costumes in general and I suddenly thought;  "What about a COFFEE costume!?"   And sure enough, there are hundreds out there on the net to search, get ideas from and brainstorm over. 

I chose 3 at random above from pinterest searches (the photos should link you there).  Most people make their costumes from scratch using all sorts of different items depending on their creativity, their budgets and what exact coffee-themed item they were dressing as (or dressing their kids as, which seemed to be the case most of the time).

A very popular idea is a "Starbucks" themed drink of some sort - which of course you have to make yourself as it's a copyrighted brand.    But I decided to look on Amazon for ready-made costumes - they do sell Starbucks logos to sew on your own fabric, dresses or aprons and they even have costumes for dogs.  If you want to be a coffee bean or a non-brand name coffee there were a couple options - just no branded logos.

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