Is "Christmas" Dead at Starbucks and Now the PC Term "Holiday" ? Interesting.... Can't find Christmas Blend K-cups.

Last weekend I had to pop into Sams Club to pick up a box of k-cups, dog food and a couple other items.  I knew the coffee I wanted, so I grabbed the box and continued walking, but I noticed they had stocked the Christmas coffee and the thought flitted through my brain "Oh, they have the Holiday blend out..."  but since I don't really care one way or another about their Christmas blends, I didn't dwell on it or think about it past that fleeting thought.

Until this morning.

Did you notice how I interchanged the words holiday and Christmas in the paragraph above?

Darnit.  I think I fell for it.

You see, this morning I decided to look up the Christmas blend coffee at Sam's and noticed it wasn't called Christmas blend anymore.  I only found Holiday blend.  Of course I did a quick search of google and overwhelmingly found 'holiday' and 'Christmas' being interchanged and used as if equal but the "Christmas" packages seem to be only available from last year; 2014.  2015 was only turning up 'Holiday'.

One step further... go to the source.  Starbucks own online store.  

As of this post at 9:00 am today, they had no Christmas or Holiday blend available yet - but only the spicy blend for Fall.  Their holiday 'header' though showed the word Christmas - but also the number 2014.  Which means they haven't switched over to the 2015 Christmas header yet... and I have a feeling when it does, it might only feature the world "holiday" instead of Christmas.

Another search on their site for the Christmas Blend turned up this little bit of 'history' behind the Christmas blend Starbucks has released for 30 years.  Thirty. Years.  But... was last year the last year for it to be called "Christmas"?  Has Starbucks decided Christmas is a dirty word?

I'll be watching the store shelves and their site over the next week to see what happens to the branding and if in fact, Starbucks has gone over to the dark side of being overly politically correct and is afraid to use the word Christmas even though statistics show up to 95% of Americans celebrate "Christmas".

In the meantime, you can enjoy their press release from last year with the history of their Christmas Blend.

Source: Starbucks
November, 2014

Thirty years ago, before the first Starbucks latte was served, Starbucks created a special new blend of coffee as a gift for its customers.

Anthony Carroll, a 19-year partner (employee) on the coffee team at Starbucks, shares the story of behind the first batch of Christmas Blend.

“Back in 1984, Starbucks was a small chain of five Seattle retail stores that sold fresh-roasted coffee beans, loose-leaf teas and spices,” Carroll said. “Coffee was scooped by hand and packaged in paper bags, with a seven-day shelf life.”

Christmas Blend showcased Starbucks artistry in roasting with an expert blend of lively Latin American beans and mellow Indonesia coffees. The finishing touch was the addition of rare, spicy Sumatra beans, painstakingly aged for three to five years. The interplay of flavors makes it a full-bodied, spicy and rich cup of coffee.
“When Starbucks first introduced Christmas Blend, the company hoped it would develop a small, loyal following. But customers quickly snapped up the coffee just as soon as it arrived, buying it to give as a gift for friends and family or as a special addition to a holiday meal. In the days leading up to Christmas Eve, the stores were selling Christmas Blend just as quickly as it could be scooped and packaged.”

This holiday, the tradition continues with a variety of Christmas Blend coffees in half-pound bags for holiday gift-giving.

“Christmas Blend is a rich coffee that goes hand-in-hand with many holiday foods, including savory meals and rich desserts,” Carroll said. “It truly complements the flavors of the season.”

About Starbucks® Christmas Blend

In addition to the original Starbucks® Christmas Blend created thirty years ago, customers can enjoy Starbucks® Christmas Blend Espresso Roast, Starbucks® Christmas Blonde Roast, Starbucks® Decaf Christmas Blend and Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Christmas Blend. It is also available as whole-bean and ground coffee, K-Cup® Packs, and Verismo® Pods.

Keurig, the Cup and Star design, Keurig Brewed, K-Cup, and the Keurig brewer trade dress are trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., used with permission.

For more information on this news release, contact the Starbucks Newsroom.

Products I found listed on Amazon as of today (October 28th, 2015): 

Starbucks Christmas Blend Ground Coffee - 8oz (226g)
Starbucks Christmas Blend 2014, Whole Bean, 8 Oz (Pack of 2)
Starbucks Holiday Blonde Roast Keurig K-Cups (Pack of 1 - 16 Count)