Hooking up a Keurig B150 or K150 to a Direct Water Line - Two Hook Up Kit Options!

My husband hates refilling our Keurig.  He comments about it often.
Eh, I don't.

You see, I have a habit of grabbing my cup, filling it with water, pouring it into the water reservoir and then putting in my k-cup and brewing my coffee.  When I go for my 2nd morning cup I again just pour a cup of water before I brew one.  It's never an issue to me.

He, on the other hand, (when he is 'off' or home that morning and drinking more than 1 cup-to-go out the door on the way to work) will walk to the Keurig and brew the coffee and walk away.  Doesn't refill it until it's down low and either has to remove the reservoir and take it to the sink to fill it, or make 6-7 trips with his little mug(s) of water from the sink to the counter with the machine.

In my mind, no wonder he thinks it's a big deal.  If he just poured one in before removing one, the water stays full.


If you are a small business owner who provides coffee to your staff or customers, or someone who has this in their office and is sick and tired of refilling it, or your co-workers never refill it, etc.  that is another group of people that may be interested in hooking up their Keurig to a direct water line.

Not having to refill your Keurig because you want to hook it up to a direct water line (be it from the direct line or your refrigerator water line).


Now, unless you are really handy with 'hacking' things to make them work, you should know this will only work with the commercial versions and the 150 models.

And from my research this morning, you will not only need to purchase the kit - but they (for some reason) don't throw in the little fitting and elbow you will need to hook it up nor the tubing.


Keurig B150 or K150 Direct Water Line Plumb Kit

  • Allows for a direct water line connection
  • Works with the B150 Brewer
  • Does not include filter, water line or fittings
  • This tank allows you to hook up your own water line directly to the Keurig B150 Brewer

Reading the online reviews and question and answer forums, it seems you also need one of these little guys;

And may or may not need extra water line tubing  - 1/4" Water Line Tubing - 10' long, use for Keurig hookup- White



(UPDATED:  January 2016 - there is now a kit offered that includes the filter and water line that the kit above did not.  I am updating this post to add this kit as a choice readers may want to entertain.)

Keurig B150 / K150 All-in-one Direct Water Line Plumb and Filter Kit
  • 1 Keurig B150 / K150 Direct Water Line Plumb Kit
  • 1 Ominpure KQ8A Water Filter Kit
  • Kit includes high-quality connections and an extra long 15-foot water line
  • Brass water line connector includes elbow so water line does not break
  • Ominpure KQ8A Water Filter is specifically required by Keurig to maintain warranty

While seeing the product information is useful, I find I get a heck of a lot more important information from reading through the questions and answers as well as reviews.  I have more time than money so I figure taking a couple hours to research something and purchase the correct or best item, or getting the best price for it, is far more important to me than finding and purchasing something quickly.

So here are a few questions others asked, a long with the answer.  I'm going to post it exactly as it was posted - (including grammar and capitalization mistakes) but I am taking out the names of the posters.... 

installed plumb kit on a k155 valve will no let water in
  • Check the inlet hose is not blocked or kinked. You can check the water level on the menu.
  • Verify that the toggle switch is on direct connect setting, the electrical clip is snapped in place properly and the black plastic two prong screw setting on the bottom is set up per directions.

i need a plumb kit for keurig 2.0
  • Not sure if they make that. Seems the plumb kits were made more for Commercial machines, Units that would connected to the phone system and call out for service to your selected phone numbers.
  • This will convert any 150 or 155 to a direct plumb unit.
  • I second that. I've looked for a plumb kit for my K-400 (2.0), then after not finding one, I got fed up, and ordered a K-155. I love it, because ever since I bought the plumb kit, I don't ever have to fill it, and I'm no longer locked into buying 2.0-specific K-cups! I bought the refillable cups, and use my own coffee.…

What water line kit do I need for the K40/k45 elite?
  • The K40 and K45 are not compatible with a direct autofilling water line kit. Sorry.
  • this only works with the Keurig B150 or K150.
  • I got to go to Home Depot two trips because I could not get the right water supply fitting. I purchase different types from Home Depot the 2nd trip and used what works in my system and just returned back the one that I did not used. The supply kit I got from amazon/keurig does not work in my supply line. Fittings will … (see more on Amazon)

Does this plumb kit also work on the Keurig K155?
  • It does--I just hooked mine up.
  • I don't think it does because I need to go to home depot to buy fittings that will work for the unit
  • Not Sure call keurig!
I thought this review was helpful and wanted to include a portion of it here.  You can find all answers and reviews on the Amazon page through the links.

"For those of you who weren't sure if the B150 Direct Line kit would work with the B155 brewer, the answer is yes. If you follow the instructions for installation precisely, it will work great.

There is more to the story, however. The unit I received was slightly damaged, the water level sensor magnet in the reservoir was loose, and the retaining device unhitched. I compared this to the pour over resevoir, discovered the error, got the magnet back in place, and re-installed the retainer. I didn't realize that I installed the magnet backwards, with the magnet facing inside instead of outside the reservoir. Because the magnet was backward, the unit thought there was no water in the reservoir. I thought the direct plumb kit was incompatible. I got it working perfectly after discovering and correcting my blunder.

I did not get the filter kit, so my warranty is void. The plumbing is rather simple, the unit is exactly like a dishwasher from a plumbing standpoint, so if you get a dishwasher hookup kit from your local hardware store, the only challenge is how it hooks into the water supply system. There is some adaptation required if you hook into the refrigerator ice-maker line as I did. For those that are plumbing challenged, you should consult with a good friend who is not, or hire a plumber as the instructions suggest."

I've been a Keurig owner since 2005 (?) and in the beginning they were notorious for breaking down - and we bought ours from Best Buy so we could purchase the 'Black Tie Protection Plan' with it.  This saved our butts numerous times between 2005-2009 when Keurig's shoddy workmanship and crappy customer service meant it was easier to return the whole darn thing to Best Buy and get a new one.  (This wasn't due to lack of home maintenance or descaling, etc. these were internal issues that rendered your machine useless.)  One machine we bought lasted less than 2 weeks.  That was a lemon - but the replacement we traded out for worked for a few years after that).  And Keurig has gotten better since then.

(Stopping to take a breath after that long, rambling paragraph!)

Now that Keurig has improved their machines over the past 5-6 years, they tend to not break down as easily nor as often and I would absolutely think about purchasing direct from their site (or Amazon) and getting the 150 brewing system.  And IF we do, then yes, I'd probably also purchase the direct water line hookup kit because you know, that would make my husband happy.

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Keurig B150 or K150 Direct Water Line Plumb Kit


UPDATED IN JANUARY 2017 TO ADD:   There is a filter kit available to hook up to your direct line - I blogged about it here.