Sam's Club changes their k-cup count in their Daily Chef brand

Shopping at Sam's Club last week I approached the coffee aisle with the only thought in my mind being whether I would spend the extra to purchase the Pike Place blend I really wanted (but only 54 cup count in the box) verses the Sam's Club Colombian that we like as well, which come 80 count to a box.

But what was this?  I was shocked when I saw the price had jumped.  My box of coffee had gone from $33 to over $38?  I have watched it jump from $22 to $28 and $33 with pain but now almost $40? 

Ahhh... the count.

I noted the box now has 100 cups in it.  The price per cup only went up a small percentage since the count went up so not entirely too painful... well, ok, yes it is.  But at least we got more cups for the price increase this time.

Just a heads up if you are in your local store;  all red and black box is the 80 count and the new box is gold, red and black.  Same coffee.  Same amount of coffee in each k-cup.