Yes, I really did pee standing up, without pulling my drawers down - Reviewing the P EZ Female Urnination Device for Camping & Hiking

Gearing up for a weekend involving hiking and possibly tent camping, I quickly glanced through my gear and decided I better give this new-to-me product a 'trial run' here at home before I may have to use it outdoors.

You see, this little goofy product was a last second 'add on' when I was ordering some things from Amazon a few months ago.  At the time I was able to nab it as an add-on item for about $1.77 and free shipping so I thought; "Eh, why not?"  and when it showed up I laughed and thought "Oh goodness... I don't think this thing will work!" (I think they are about 5 bucks now.)

It's just a piece of plastic - a bit rigid but still collapsible, shaped like a funnel with one end a little longer than the other.  It's not incredibly big (a lot of the reviewers on Amazon talked about how it seemed too small and they didn't want to try it or they thought only a child could use it) and you wouldn't think by looking at it that it would work, but by-golly I can tell you, I did try it and it did work!

Female 'Stand Up' Urinary Device
  • Pee Standing Up - No More Dirty Toilets, Bushes or Porta-Potties
  • Specially Designed Female Urinal
  • Soft Flexible Silicone 
  • Go Anywhere, Anytime 

My personal "test" was in our home bathroom.  The only hesitation I had was wondering briefly which way to place it - the larger cup in the back or the front?   But once you really look at the product you realize; the larger cup portion goes to the front to catch any seepage, and the short side to the back where the urine can funnel straight down and out to the front - bypassing your clothing and shoes!

I admit, as a female... (guys won't understand this) but peeing while standing up is the WEIRDEST FEELING EVER!!!!  I don't really like peeing standing up but I really really don't like having to go to the bathroom in the woods by dropping my drawers and squatting.  The cold air on your backside, the awkward balancing trying to keep urine off your shoes and off your clothing by holding them back while trying to hover; peeing standing up while only pulling down the clothing enough to slip this plastic device in, press it up against your lady parts and pee is so much more private!    (And those disgusting public restrooms, porta-potties and other gross locations you really don't want to sit?  No problem.)

I ended up liking the product a lot.  But heads up:  the device is wet after use of course and it's urine so it's best if you have a bit of water available to pour a little through quickly - so you can 'stow and go' and it won't smell like pee. Mine did not come with a case (many options on Amazon and some do, some don't) but it doesn't matter as this is durable enough I just throw it into my backpack as it is. 

BUT IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THAT YET here is another awesome product that I've loved for about 4 years now and have in our camp bag as well as our bug-out bags and our emergency backpacks in our vehicles....

TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (6 pack)

  • Convenient, unisex, sanitary personal urinals containing patented Liqsorb material
  • Ideal for motion sickness, potty training, car travel, outdoor activities, and bathroom emergencies of all types
  • Biodegradable pouch filled with unique polymer substance which absorbs liquid waste and turns it into odorless, spill-proof gel
  • Nontoxic and waste disposal safe; unisex adapter and spill guard make it easy for anyone to use
  • Each bag measures two by two by 2.5 inches (W x H x D) folded, and five by 11 inches (W x H) unfolded, and weighs 1.5 ounces before use. Item is 1 Pack of 6

These are similar to the "press the cup up against you" if you are a lady or 'aim and shoot' if you are a guy - the bag contains the liquid so you can use this IN THE CAR or anywhere you can't literally pee and let it puddle.  It also works for vomit.  It has a substance inside the disposable bag that absorbs the liquid into gel (like the inside of a baby diaper has) to keep it from spilling.  As of this posting you can get a 6 pack for about $12.

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