Dee Dee Blanchard - Gypsy Blanchard

Read the latest update source story for this opinion chit-chat post here if you don't know who Dee Dee or Gypsy Blanchard is.

So, my quick thoughts over morning coffee and this news story....

I'm going to say right off... my heart aches for this girl.

Her mother screwed her up so badly.  To listen to her speak in old interviews and more current, it's so obvious her little squeaky voice is that of a much more immature person that whatever age she was at the time.  She was also plainly 'coached' for responses as she used sentences and phrases that sounded so clearly rehearsed and things her adult mother would say - but not an 'average' 'typical' eight year old child.   Then again... Gypsy was never, ever allowed to be a normal, typical child.

"....Relatives have said Dee Dee Blanchard imprisoned Gypsy Blanchard and forced her to pretend that she was disabled — shaving her head and making her use a wheelchair and take seizure medication that caused her teeth to fall out."

This poor girl, from birth, was made to believe she had spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and leukemia... among who knews what else?

The public was duped by this woman since her daughter was born to believe she had these and all kinds of various medical issues.  Reporters, Habitat for Humany, Make a Wish Foundation... all duped by this mother at the expense of her daughter ever having a normal childhood.

Seeing her now, as an adult you can tell she doesn't even know how to hold herself, or act 'normal' and she speaks as if she is still a 7 year old child.  Her voice, her personality...  being held in a medical bubble all her life, she doesn't even know what reality for most young women her age is.

And this mother is still wielding her power from the grave...  Gyspy can't even legally talk to her OWN DOCTORS without the Mother present.  So getting medical records has proven difficult because somehow, the mother got power of attorney over her daughter - even though legally this is not allowed unless they are shown to be incompetent. 

".....Stanfield said at a previous court appearance that Dee Dee Blanchard had set up some blocks that prevented her daughter from viewing her own medical records. Stanfield said Monday he has still not obtained those records.  

"We're still attempting to obtain all of the medical records," Stanfield said. "The durable powers of attorney that her mother had executed prevented Gypsy from even requesting her own medical records. They prevented her from speaking with the doctors on her own. They required her mother to basically do everything as far as her medical care."

This source story was interesting to me because it shows Dee Dee was claiming 'health issues' all the way back to Gypsy's birth. 

"... I was told at that time that her health issues, which began at birth, included vision and hearing problems. She could only be fed through a feeding tube, Dee Dee Blanchard said." 

"I have been very lucky," Blanchard told me. "She is such a good child. She has never once complained."

  • She and her mother lived in a Habitat for Humanity home in Springfield.
  • They told officials there that they were survivors of Hurricane Katrina.
  • The News-Leader, in researching Gypsy's past, found details of gifts from the Children's Wish Endowment, located in Slidell, La. At the age of 11, Gypsy told a Times-Picayune reporter that the organization had granted several wishes of hers, including a trip to Walt Disney World.
  • The Habitat house they lived in was specifically outfitted for Gypsy's wheelchair and her other healthcare needs. 

The needs which she may have never had.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the mother (Dee Dee) was killed, Gypsy no longer had the chains of her binding her - physically, mentally or emotionally.   For the first time in her life she was without a domineering maternal presence in her life.  Some people are claiming Gypsy must have been 'in' on the ruse after she was old enough because she didn't go against her mother's claims in the past couple years. 

How can anyone know that?

Having spent 20 years - from the day you were born - being given medications to make your teeth fall out, being told you have cancer, having a woman psychologically mess with your head your entire life...  This little girl did not have any 'normal' life experience to base her decisions or knowledge on.

If she was 'in' on the ruse and intelligent enough to think that deeply and make decisions that complex (for her) then she would have been better off to continue the ruse of sickness in her own defense.  But she didn't.  As a matter of fact, as soon as her mother was out of the picture she was able to be "normal" and "healthy" for literally the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE.  

I personally find it most likely she fully believed she was sick until just recently when she was able to befriend the man who ultimately became her 'boyfriend' and with a mental capacity seemingly stuck around 8 years old, I'm sure it's like a 2nd grader discovering things like friends, boyfriends and the ability to believe things other than what your parents have told you (discovering there is no Santa Claus!). 

As she discovered more things and became stronger in her own feelings and choices - I can imagine realizing small things like "What is Mom talking about?  I can walk without my wheelchair."  "What would happen if I stop taking the medicine she says I need?"  "My hair is growing!?"  "I don't feel sick today..."  and more and more the realization that this woman who you believed loved you and cared for you in sickness all your life, was in fact MAKING you sick in order to thrive on the attention, the interviews, the free housing, Disney trips and many gifts and money they received.

Like a sickness herself, the need for that attention by a mother forced her child into a life of faux sickness - from simple "hearing" issues as a newborn to making her baby have a feeding tube... and then when the need for more attention grew stronger, portraying her daughter as having spina bifida and later muscular dystrophy and finally, leukemia. 

This seems like a strong case of  Munchausen's by Proxy to me...  and a very messed up little girl that was suddenly in an adults body and as an adult, starting to realize her mother may have been causing her 'sickness' her whole life.

But then again, I've had 5 cups of very strong, hot, black coffee this morning already so.... maybe it's just the coffee talking.