Trader Joe's Chocolate Marbles are Just So Pretty! Too pretty to eat?

I just had time to brew a cup of coffee and finally go through today's mail.  I am on the mailing list for Trader Joe's newsletters - you know the old fashionedy twelve page 'catalog' and 'newsletter' thing they send?  So, I'm glancing through it and see Chocolate Marbles... 

I don't normally shop Trader Joe's and don't particularly like chocolate but even so, they caught my eye because they are just so pretty!  I have a family full of chocolate lovers that would love to see these under the tree as a gift for Christmas.

Two half rounds of chocolate are filled with a filling of various flavors, then the two halves are molded back together to form the sphere.  The balls are coated with a layer of chocolate to smooth them out and then very thin layers of sugar coat are added and finally, a fine layer of color.  Made to deliberately look like marbles, Trader Joe's newsletter says they are selling them for $4.99 while they can keep them in stock.

I don't currently live anywhere near a Trader Joe's but of course I looked on Amazon to see if they were available and as of tonight they have 3 in stock yet... but expect to pay dearly for them.  They are listed for $14.99 right now (of course Amazon prices fluctuate though).

About the Product
  • Almond praline, hazelnut praline, chocolate mousse, coconut, caramel, crispy cookie
  • 12 delicious marbles to enjoy
  • Contains milk, hazelnut, wheat, almond, soy, coconut
  • May contain traces of chestnut, pistachio, walnut, pine nut, egg
  • Product of France