A Kajillion people are checking PowerBall numbers and visiting their website so, I thought they should probably fix this typo

I'm not a regular PowerBall lottery player.  Actually, I've never bought a lottery ticket and I'm not sure I ever will because I just don't have much interest in them.  But my husband does once in a great while.  Usually when the pot gets big enough he remembers the lottery exists.  He only buys one or two tickets and we have no expectations to win so it's not really a 'thing' in our house.

I also want to say that I'm not a grammar or typo Nazi.  Lord knows I make errors in my typing ALL the time. I am horrible with punctuation actually.  I try.  But eh, I type rambling posts over morning coffee for my own amusement so I guess if I don't use the correct punctuation or grammar it's not like a billion kajillion people will see it.

But ah...  let's get back to PowerBall shall we?  I just wanted to point out that I usually skip over typos and mistakes others make.  I just really don't care enough and Lord knows there are enough real problems in the world to fuss about than typos.

The PowerBall.com website.  I had to go there this morning to check the numbers for last night's drawing since my husband had bought a couple tickets.  Unlike my site, they do have a billion kajillion people that see their little typos.  And because they are kind of a big deal, I was really surprised to see a glaring spelling mistake on their site.

I don' t know how long their website has been up or if it's always had this typo, but people all over the world are clicking in, only to see the word "numbers" spelled with an extra "m".  Numbmers. *Cringe* because I think with so many billions of eyes going to the website, it reflects badly on us as Americans since our lottery is so well known.

I thought I'd just tweet them to say "hey, you might want to fix this spelling error on your page if you get a moment."

But I didn't see a link on their page to a twitter account.

No worries.  I'll just drop an email to them.

I found the CONTACT US link.

Contact Us page (http://www.powerball.com/pb_contact.asp)

But instead of contact information, I see this....

"Greetings Gentle Reader,
Here are the answers to the most common questions. 
PLEASE browse through the information below 
to find your answers right now. We get a lot of mail 
(up to one a minute during a big jackpot). 
By checking below, you get your answer faster 
and we can get to the rare new questions faster too. 

If your question is one of the very few not answered here, 
you can click the link at the bottom of the page to send us your question.

Multi-State Lottery Association"

... followed by a really long page of questions and answers.

Totally agree this is a good idea.  Saves time with thousands of people emailing with the same questions over and over, every day of every week of every month of every year.

So at the bottom of the page there is still not a contact us link, but there is one for 'real letters'.

Real Letters page (http://www.powerball.com/real-letters.asp)

And after reading through some of the 'real letters' they get, I am embarrassed for some of the stupid letters the poor employee of the lotto system has to deal with every day.  But, it might also be a fun job to answer them too.  As it seems the guy who gets to answer them as a sense of humor similar to mine and PowerBall is totally ok with that!  (Kudos!)

At the bottom of the page they did actually list a general email address you could send an email to.

But by this time my coffee was gone and my mind was drifting to all the things on my 'to do' list that I had been ignoring thus far... so I decided to just screenshot the typo and save it for a coffee post.

Something to ramble about.  :)

So, with fresh coffee in hand, here is the typo screenshot seen by kajillions of people that really, they should probably fix.  And now that someone won the huge pot and it's started over at just 40 million, and perhaps they aren't getting as many silly emails and questions to answer, they might find time to fix it.