A Texas family is being sued for letting their four small children play in their own back yard

"I can't imagine the sound of kids playing at any stage of my life and thinking that I needed to sue someone over it"

Woman sued for loud kids playing outside

The sound of children's laughter is usually counted as one of the best sounds on earth.  Not so for one Plano, Texas couple, Irving and Anita Ward, who are suing the family who lives next to them because their four children, ages 10, 7, 4 and 2 make too much noise playing in their own back yard.

"The residents next to Kelly Counts said her kids are 
upsetting their tranquil quality of life and 
"creating noise issues as well as visibility issues 
for them and their pets."

The story goes on to mention the Wards never once asked the mother of the children to quiet down the backyard play, but instead, started to play extremely loud, explicit music in retaliation and then, out of the blue, served her with a lawsuit.

Good gracious.  WHAT has happened to this country?