My heart breaks for families hurt by inept, stupid, apathetic or egotistical people wtih a little power


A nightmarish string of medical errors left a Long Island baby dead, and her grieving parents were falsely accused of abuse, according to a lawsuit.

"Sara Keenan, 35, had breastfed baby Lana and put her down for a nap on Jan. 3, 2014. About an hour later, the dad, Padraig Keenan, 37, found the 3-month-old in her crib, choking on her own vomit, they claim. Miraculously, a houseguest who works as an EMT quickly revived the baby, who began to breathe again.

The parents then called 911, unknowingly igniting a chain reaction of medical missteps that doomed their tiny daughter, according to their suit."

Considering the baby was just choking on milk she vomited and was fine and breathing fine, I'm sure most (me included) would have left it at that, but they decided to err on the side of caution or perhaps with the advice of the EMT that apparently was a friend of theirs and a house guest at the time.

The EMT's that responded to the call, from Exchange Ambulances carried her to an ambulance parked four doors away and didn't even bother to protect her from the cold temperatures.  Ok, I'm still not questioning anything at this point but here is where my blood starts to boil.

"Instead of taking the child to pediatric intensive care units at nearby Good Samaritan or Stony Brook hospitals, the medics brought her to Bay Shore’s Southside Hospital. There, an emergency-room doctor pumped the 12-pound girl with a “cornucopia of drugs,” including Propofol, the powerful sedative linked to Michael Jackson’s death."

WHAT THE H**L WERE THEY THINKING?  Or should I say NOT thinking?  

"The deadly cocktail lowered the infant’s blood pressure so much, oxygen didn’t get to her brain for at least an hour. An attempt to correct the condition with epinephrine, meant to raise Lana’s blood pressure, failed when an IV was incorrectly inserted, the suit claims."

She was a tiny little new baby, she vomited, choked on it, was breathing on her own but brought in to be checked and they gave her a bunch of adult drugs that lowered her oxygen level to the point that her brain was without oxygen for at least an hour?  And then realized they screwed up and tried to backtrack by giving her epinephrine and inserted the IV wrong!???

But wait!  IT GETS WORSE.

"The baby was then brought more than an hour away, to Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Queens" where Dr. Hoffman-Rosenfeld with a strange sense of humor introduces herself as "Dr. House" (a TV show character) and then, on her own, decided the infant had shaken-baby syndrome.

Dr. Jamie Hoffman-Rosenfeld (NYT article)
This doctor accused the parents of both of harming their child and causing the injury which ultimately led to her death.  HOW did she EVEN come up with this!????

“The type of brain damage [Lana] sustained did not even closely resemble what is seen in ‘shaken baby syndrome’ or cases involving intentional or accidental ‘traumatic head injury,’ ” according to the lawsuit.

Not only were these parents dealing with a baby with brain damage that wasn't present until the oxygen deprivation by the previous hospital's blunder but wait...


At this point the Suffolk County social workers got involved and got orders of protection against the parents from not only being with that poor baby, but took custody of their other two children; 6 and 3.

Here it even gets more interesting;  the police and the District Attorney’s Office investigated but uncovered no criminal acts were involved.

Two autopsies later confirmed that no physical abuse occurred.

"But the child-protection agency pursued a custody case, alleging parental abuse, in Suffolk Family Court for 11 months after Lana’s death in February 2014."

They weren't cleared until January of 2015.  Until then their lives were hell!  Imagine having your baby harmed by others, not being able to be with her AS SHE LAY DYING and then having your other two children ripped from your family!  The emotional and mental stress, fear, sickening damage this does to the parents AND THESE KIDS.

The article went on to give a possible reason for the continuing case - ".... believe the Family Court case was pursued to pressure them into making a false confession and clearing the medical community of culpability."

Hmm.  Good point.  Something to ponder.

And the little curt response that Northwell Health gave makes me sick. “The loss of a child obviously is a tragedy, and we have extended our sympathies to the family,” spokesman Terry Lynam added.

I don't think they want your sympathy.  I think they'd rather have their daughter back.