Not too chatty this morning... so, instead, here are some of the stories I was reading over coffee.

Doctor investigated over claims he sexually assaulted a hospital patient - oh goodness - if he really did this (and there seems to be evidence he did) then I am so glad he was caught! 

Witnesses testified that Jordan intentionally tripped children, stepped on their toes, encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose. Oh, this story hurts my heart. Innocent children in daycare so they can't leave the situation or get away.

Uber driver returns to rape, burglarize passenger at her home -

"Mysterious Sleeping Boy at State of the Union Identified" - Seriously, who cares?  WHY was this 'headline' news and why did the media think this little boy had to be identified anyway?  He's little, and fell asleep.  And? -

"It’s a painful reminder that our armed forces have been starved of funds to maintain and repair equipment during Obama’s watch as commander-in-chief, and they’ve also watched their numbers steadily shrink."  "Even worse, this incident comes weeks after Iran taunted us by suddenly test-firing a missile less than 1,500 yards away from American ships that were patrolling the Hormuz Straits. We of course did nothing."

Patient dies after doctor beats him - The doctor was fired and his actions are classified as negligence, since there is no evidence he intended to kill the patient -

Why the Bathroom of a Pizza Place Moved One Mom to Tears - Crying over a bathroom? -

Ohio Man Who Recorded Fatal Accident Scene Sentenced to Jail - Hmm.  Yes it was a dick move and he's disgusting and it's a crime against humanity but truly illegal trespassing? Anyone who stops to help after an accident and opens the vehicle door is also illegally trespassing then. -

Judge throws out excessive force case against officer who took down and injured an Indian man