Maxwell House Coffee Concentrate Liquid for Iced Coffee

I tried this product last summer or Fall (?) and snapped some photos and put them into my computer files and then promptly forgot about them.  Well, not completely true.  I would remember or see them, decide putting my website watermark on them was too much work and writing a post was too much work... and well, it never got posted.

Since then I've bought 2 more of the House Blend flavor coffee concentrates from Maxwell and after making yet another iced coffee today I decided to get my butt in gear and tell my readers about it.

 Maxwell has 3 flavors out;  caramel, house blend and vanilla.  I've not bought the vanilla as I have vanilla coffee syrup I use so I didn't want waste money on it since this isn't a sponsored post.

The caramel flavor, in my opinion, tastes... funny.  Not all that good.  I'd rather use an unflavored version and use my caramel coffee syrup - which tastes awesome - but their caramel version?  Eh.

But let's talk House Blend.  Because that one is good. 

It only takes a short squirt into a glass of milk, almond milk, coconut milk or water; with a little ice and a shot of vanilla or other flavored coffee syrup if you wish or even a sprinkle of sugar or creamer if that's your thing.  I've used Stevia and other natural sweeteners when I've wanted a flavorful iced coffee.

Not only does it taste good, but it has a pretty good kick of caffeine at 50 mg per teaspoon.
If you are thinking to yourself, "I don't really like Maxwell House Coffee though" well, I don't drink Maxwell House coffee as a rule either.  But this is different - tastes different - and when you are mixing it with your own milk or water and any sweeteners or flavorings you wish; you probably can't tell what brand the concentrate is anyway.

Obviously I like this product since I've bought 3 of the House Blend (although the original Caramel flavor is still in the cupboard).  I still make iced coffee using other versions (I have an espresso maker to make espresso, I use my Keurig at the lowest ounce setting, or I use my Mr. Coffee Frappe' Maker... but this is one of many and it's the fastest!)

I find them in my local grocery and Walmart grocery for about $3.50 each.

About the Product
  • Delicious Refreshing House Blend Coffee taste. Contains Caffeine.
  • Made from Brewed Coffee
  • Bottle makes 10-8 fl oz servings.
  • Squeeze into water or milk and add ice or creamer

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