Random Coffee Talk: Childhood jingles and car songs: Pepsi-Cola hits the spot!

Rambling over coffee.....

Sometimes memories from childhood jump into my brain and make me smile.
This is one of them.

As an itty bitty child we (my siblings and I) were often traveling on long car trips to visit relatives with my parents.  Being the 70's our car trips were filled with sleeping, entertaining ourselves by watching rain drops race across the windows, counting power line poles or watching the racing dotted lines on the road outside the window.

I loved long night drives the best; pre-mandatory seatbelt laws, I would call dibs on the back window.  Laying up in the area behind the back seat over the speakers in the back window, gazing out the glass to the stars and moon above.  One brother would then get to lay across the back seat and the 3rd brother, curling on the backseat floor, head on the hump.  Our baby brother came along in 1979 and by then he was in a car seat full time and the laws were changing; he never knew the joy of star gazing on long drive homes on Christmas Eve night, watching the skies for a glimpse of Santa and the red of Rudolph's nose.

Alas, I've gone off topic again.  Blame it on the coffee. 

During drives across state to visit my grandparents, cousins or one of my Dads jaunts to go 'see a guy about a car' or a set of tires, my Dad would tend to sing and teach me old 50's and 60's music and had a special penchant for Elvis.  By the time I was 3 years old I could belt out "Wake up Little Susie" "Chantilly Lace" and a whole host of songs.

My Mother would sometimes teach us songs although she wasn't as enthusiastic about it as Dad was.  This is how I learned "Jesus Loves Me" and a Swedish hymn from the 1800's, Tryggare kan ingen vara (yes, I am maternally Swedish and paternally German with a few other things thrown in for good measure).  Interestingly enough, she wasn't especially religious, yet, when desperate to come up with songs to entertain us with, she managed to dredge up songs from the brief moment in life when she attended Sunday school as a child.  Thus, we learned "Jesus Loves the Children of the World" and such.

Tryggare kan ingen vara
Än Guds lilla barnaskara
Stjärnan ej på himlafästet
Fågeln ej i kända nästet

Herren sina trogna vårdar
Uti Sions helga gårdar
Över dem Han sig förbarmar
Bär dem uppå fadersarmar

But as a child, I have to admit that 'bathroom humor' -  to a 4 year old - wins the prize.

And burned forever in my memory is what I thought of as hilariously funny at the time...  the old "Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot" jingle that my Mom learned when she was a little girl and passed down to me.  It was years before I realized what it was really about as "pushing the button and pulling a chain" was a foreign concept to me; born after flush toilets were long in service.

Pepsi-cola hits the spot!
Second minute, you're on the pot.
Push the button.
Pull the chain.
Pepsi-cola down the drain!