Umm... yeah! Go Sports! I totally hope it goes into the net. Or a hole in the ground. Or wherever you want it to go.

If you've read Coffee Talking a little bit, you may have caught on that I don't really care about sports.
Which sport?  Um, that one.
And that one.
Yep, that one too.
You may have read the post about my conversation with Mr. Coffee regarding "me understanding who Peyton Manning is".

I. Do. Not. Care.

And yes, I've made my husband angrier when he was already angry after some big playoff football game when I uttered the words you apparently just 'do not say' - you know:  "But honey... it's just a game!"

I can totally relate to Leonard on Big Bang Theory when he wanted to show support to his then-girlfriend Penny by agreeing to watch a game with her, getting a selection of drinks and snacks ready and then painting "GO SPORTS!" on his stomach ... you know - to cover all bases whether she planned on watching football or baseball or basketball...

On a totally related topic but I didn't know it - I have liked the comedy singing duo Garfunkel and Oats for about 5 years now.  I hadn't thought of them lately so this afternoon, with coffee in hand, I went to the website to see if they had anything new out.  This isn't all THAT brand new - but new enough for me and I laughed because it's so me.

I promise I really  totally care who wins
If there's a net  or hoop or hole in the ground, I hope  they get it in
If they want to go to all the bases, I hope they do
If they're  supposed to run past a line or whatever, I hope they do that, too 

Sports go  sports!

May they top their opponents  numerically in the allotted time
Lest  they disenfranchise their audience 
and  see their revenues decline

May the  partakers be sturdy and rapid
In the  spirited energies they exert
May they be victorious in perpetuity
Don't I look  cute in this football shirt

Sports go sports! 
Athletics are number one! 
Participants are heroes! 
Go team  yeah!

This is the most important thing  that's ever occurred
The vicarious fulfillment of your dream that got deferred
You had aspirations as a kid  but you didn't have the skill
So you  watch genetically superior people do the things you never will

Sports go Sports! 

May the competitors you prefer 
best  their opposing equivalents:
So you can  somehow feel connected to the feat of  your self-appointed constituents
May the hours you spend watching post-match pontificators
Amplify the thrill of  being a witness
And better your  predictive aptitude
For your squad's  future physical fitness

Sports go  sports! 
Athletics are number one! 
Participants are heroes! 
Go team  yeah!

Watching able-bodied  millionaires play with each  other
Watching less agile millionaire  talk about it on TV
May they compile  copious points so they are rewarded and  meritorious
So you feel temporarily,  adjacently  victorious

Sports go  sports! 
Athletics are number one! 
Participants are heroes! 
Go team  yeah!

Every other word: 
Sports!   Sports!  Athletics!  Number!  Participants! Heroes!  Go!  Yeah!

Every other other word: 
Go!  Athletics!   Number!  Are!  Team!

Now in Latin:   
Ludis ire ludis
Arcu sunt  optimum
Participants sunt heroes
Ire  quadrigus sic

Now the truth:   
If you  could only throw a ball
You'd have a  hotter wife
Lots and lots of money
And a way better life
And a way better life   
Go Sports!