Horrible Airline Passengers - Photos - Is this You?

Earlier in the week I was hanging out here and saw a slide show of collected images from all over the web regarding horrible airline passengers.  As it just so happens there was also a story making waves in the 'odd' news headlines about yet another awful airline passenger who flopped her weave over the back of the seat, with nary a thought to the people sitting directly behind her trying to watch the screen of their in-air entertainment movie. 

As I started to look around at all these images on the internet of random passengers I couldn't help but think;  "What if I saw myself in a photo?"  I would be SO embarrassed and feel absolutely terrible for having done some of these things without thinking about them.  Others are just so over the top there is no way I would EVER do them.  Others were so shocking to me that I didn't know ANYONE would do that on a plane (taking off your pants to sit in your underwear!?).

So that is what I'm thinking about over coffee right now.

These selfish, inconsiderate, horrible airline passengers.

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