Porcelain coffee and tea sets and silver coffee service sets - why don't we use these anymore?

How this post came to be...

When I opened this window browser this morning I had an empty screen and left to go into the kitchen to brew a quick cup of fresh coffee.  When I opened the page I had intended on writing about what was on mind; mainly... cancer - but the way my brain works, by the time I had brewed my coffee and came back to the office, my thought process had gone from;
  • My friends Mother who is fighting cancer to
  • The old childhood schoolmate who passed away from cancer this week to
  • The high incidence of skin cancers in my husbands family to
  • Chemo damage and deaths from the effects of chemo to
  • Opting not to treat cancer with chemo and going against western medicine pill pusher doctors to more natural healing to
  • My own mother having cancer to
  • My Mom loving the tea cup and saucer I gave her to
  • Tea cups and saucers to
  • Looking up a quick tea/coffee set online to
  • Seeing a silver coffee set on the Amazon page 'related items' listings and thinking...


First off - this beautiful porcelain coffee and tea set I completely fell in love with when I saw it and have put it in my own personal "Wish List" on Amazon.  It's currently under $35 so it's affordable (kind of) but not right now as I have some other things we have to pay before I can see if I have $35 leftover to purchase something not needed, but wanted.
  • Package include 6 porcelain tea cups and 6 saucers and 6 spoon with one tray and bracket
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Porcelain of the highest quality
  • Showpiece of traditional Chinese craftsmanship,Brings efortless elegance and beauty to your kitchen
  • Dishwasher Safe, Not safe in microwave
But the point of this post was to remember the silver tea set my Mom had (has?) and all the memories that came rushing back to me when I saw this one on Amazon;

The first memory that filled my brain when I saw it, was polishing it.  I recalled having it in my hand and trying to rub silver polish on soft rag into the curves and nooks and crannies of the scroll design on the knobs and handle... and trying to get every bit of polish back out of the same nooks and crannies.  I remember it being used, although I don't recall exactly when.  I'm sure brought it out for a few Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays.  I'm pretty sure she used it when hosting coffee's or meetings during her brief stint in the sorority she belonged to after we moved to town.  (Which is a whole different topic about how adult women, married with children, belonged to a sorority... now that I am thinking about it I don't even know if adult women do that anymore.  I think it's just on college campuses?  But this was not affiliated with a college.  It was a women's group like Junior League or something...)  She only was a member for less than a year before she realized that sort of thing wasn't for her and quit.

But now I've veered off topic again.  The point is, I remembered all these things when I saw the Elegant Silver Hotel Collection Coffee Service Set on Amazon.

I honestly don't recall the last time I saw anyone use a silver coffee service like this.  It has to be at least 15 years or more.  Perhaps it's because less elegant, white or ceramic is more the norm now or perhaps it's because I'm not attending gala's where silver coffee service sets are utilized.  We currently live so far away from family and friends due to our last relocation, that we don't celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving with my parents so who knows... maybe she still puts it out at Christmas.

And of course... this is all just the coffee talking again.

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