Teen Crushes - Oh My. (C. Thomas Howell, Kevin Kubusheskie and Charlie Masso from Menudo)


Random Coffee Talk Topic!

This morning over coffee, let's talk early teenage crushes.  
Like...  age 12, 13, 14.  

I was pondering over coffee... "Who did I have a crush on when I was really young?"  and three came to mind:
  • C. Thomas Howell
  • Kevin Kubusheskie
  • Charlie Masso (Menudo)
I WISH I had taken photographs of my bedroom when I was about 13/14 years old.  I had EVERY. INCH. of my bedroom COVERED in pictures, posters and cut out pages of...  C Thomas Howell.  I mean EVER INCH.  Including my CEILING.

At $1.00 an hour babysitting (small town in the midwest and horribly under-paid) it would take me a month to save up money to go downtown to the local drugstore and buy copies of Teen Beat and Tiger magazines in order to get pictures of my crush.  I had a friend who also would save up her babysitting money and we would go together.  We would be sure to buy different magazines so we could 'trade' pictures since she liked Ralph Macchio and Tom Cruise.  We would walk 'uptown', buy all the magazines our babysitting funds would get us, walk back to my house and spend a couple hours cutting out every picture we could find of our crushes.

I'm shaking my head now at my room being literally covered in pictures... and really am kicking myself for not having any pictures of it.

When the movie The Outsiders played at the theater in our hometown I went to it 13 times.  THIRTEEN.  That is saying something when you figure the movie was only shown twice a night on Friday and Saturday, twice on Sunday and once on weeknights - and it was only in town for 2 weeks... and I was 12 years old so I had to beg my parents to get to go 13 times and for the money to get into the movies when my babysitting fund ran out.

When Ponyboy (C Thomas Howell) read Nothing Gold Can Stay in the movie, I quickly learned it by heart so I could recite it as well.  And "Nothing gold can stay" became a catch-phrase between me and my friends that we would write on our school papers, notebooks and at the bottom of the millions of little notes we would pass each other during school.  (YEP I AM ROLLING MY EYES AT MYSELF NOW TOO!!!!!)   I was 12 and 13.  What can I say?  13 year old girls are dramatic idiots.  LOL.

Ahhh.  Menudo.  Charlie.
What is funny about this crush is that I even KNEW about them - 1982/1983 when I was barely 12 years old and living in the heartland of America in a tiny farm town!  But I saw them on TV on Saturday morning between cartoons when they used to play clips of videos.  I started to search them out and was over the moon when I found their album at a local Pamida store in bigger town near where I lived.  Of course, my album was in Spanish... but I still learned every word to every song and gazed for hours at the pictures on their album covers.

Luckily my Teen Beat and Tiger magazines picked up on their popularity and I was able to start cutting out pictures of my Menudo crush.  Unfortunately, the members changed rapidly as their voices changed so my crush was short lived.

Ahhh.  Kevin.  I was so sure we could meet, fall in love, get married and have children together.
When cable TV was just starting to be offered in homes, my parents were one of the first in our small town to get it.  They took advantage of a program where you got free installation if you donated a toy to charity.  We had to go through our toys to find one to donate... and then we could get 'cable TV' which meant more than just 3 channels and it didn't go off the air at midnight.

Soon after that, one of my brothers told me about a show he saw on tv where they would dump green slime on your head if you said "I don't know".   It took about a week or two of him trying to 'catch' the show on TV so he could run and get me to show me what he was talking about but he finally did, I finally saw it... and I was hooked.

It was "You Can't Do That on Television" and I loved this show.  It was stupid but funny - and I was hooked.  But soon I ended up liking it for different reasons.  It wasn't long before I started to take notice of one of the actors a little more than the others.  As his hair grew longer, so did my crush on him grow bigger!  Ha ha.  This kid;  Kevin Kubusheskie  

Looking back now at these pictures, I can see I had a 'thing' for guys with longer hair.  It's probably no wonder that by the time I was 15 I was dating guys with hair that hit their 'collar' which was considered long back then!  Such a rebel.  :)

Anyway - my coffee cup is empty and I think I want just one more cup before I get started on the tasks I must now accomplish today.  I've enjoyed my little walk down memory lane and my very early crushes.  Later today I'm sure I'll think "Why the heck did I feel the need to talk about that?"  but... it's just the coffee talking again.

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