Getting an invitation or graduation announcement from a distant relative I never even knew existed...

After a busy morning, I took a coffee break, and walked down to check the mailbox at the end of the drive.
A top envelope caught my eye as I could tell it was a wedding or graduation invitation by the style and size.  I glanced at the return address.
I have no idea who that is.
I looked at the city it came from.
That, at least looked somewhat familiar.
I knew my husband had distant relatives in that area of that particular state.  It happens to be about 1100 miles away and while I've never personally ever set foot in that city, I know my husband had gone there in the early 70's when he was a tiny child, to see his Grandfather who lived there at the time.
He currently has an elderly Aunt who still lives there but this was not her name, nor her writing.

I sat on the front step and opened the envelope.

A high school graduation invitation and announcement.
Still have no idea who this person is.
I read the card to see if the parents are listed... whew!  They are.
I don't know the husband/father or his last name, but I recognize the Mother's first name as a distant cousin of my husband - and putting her name with the city it was mailed from tells me it's 99.99% a child of his distant cousin.

A cousin he hasn't seen since 1982 I believe.  He was a child, she would have been a teenager.

Wow.  Interesting.  Apparently they have a daughter who is graduation high school this year and judging from the photos on her invitation announcement she likes piano, drawing and cheerleading.

My husband and I have been together for over 30 years.  We met as teenagers and dated through high school.
I've never met this cousin and I've been with him since I was 15 and he was 16 years old.

We've been married almost 28 years.  I've never seen or heard of this cousin in all those years.  Obviously we don't exchange Christmas cards, nor had we sent this cousin birth announcements, Baptism announcements, graduation announcements or wedding announcements for our three children. My husband liked this cousin a lot when they were really small, but they only saw each other about once a year until he was twelve, and hasn't seen her or anyone in her family since.  We didn't even know what state they lived in.  I assume they must have gotten our name and address from the elderly Aunt who lives there (whom we do send Christmas cards to each year and are still in touch with).

I guess I'm just sitting here pondering over coffee (my 4th) how surprised I am to get a graduation announcement from them.

I suppose I'll pick up another graduation card at the store this week (I have 1 graduation and 2 wedding cards to purchase this week for friends we do know celebrating these milestones this month) and.... I suppose I'll have to pop off a check in the mail to this young person who is graduating.  Because even though we have no idea who she is, I would hate to cause a riff in extended family relations by not responding to this distant cousin's daughters invitation....

But it is rather awkward. 

Anyone want to chime in their thoughts over coffee?

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