Hey it's my lucky day - I got 2 scammer emails this morning and this time I won a Rolex through the "electronic E-mail online Powerball Draws For Internet Users"

Seriously?  People actually fall for this one?  How could anyone pause even for 1 second before they hit "mark this as spam and delete" in their inbox?  I don't get it.

Ref Number: ROLUK/9GM/3699
Batch Number: ROLEX-ENGINE0337

Dear Internet User,

Your email ID have won the total sum of GBP1, 000.000.00 (One Million Pounds Sterling) during the electronic E-mail online Powerball Draws For Internet Users.

You are advised to contact the claims department immediately to redeem your prize.

Mr. Clement Brose
Claim Agent
Tel: +447042099529
Fax: +448458740836
Email: apexclaim@foxmail.com
International prize Department

The claim agent will attend to your claim upon the receipt of your response.

User Award Promotion Team