12 Year Boy Walking Home From a Small Town Fair Frisked & Put Into the Back of a Cop Car And Interrogated....

A 12 year old boy walks down the street with his friend at 3:00 in the afternoon.  They are walking home from a small festival in the park with games, food booths and a few rides.  They are laughing, joking and in high spirits as they both are carrying rolled up posters they won at a dart game at the festival.  They are walking to their home about 8 blocks away.

Suddenly a police car pulls up along side them.  They keep walking as they've done nothing wrong.  The police car paces them and the window rolls down.  The white cop calls out to them;  "Boys!"  The boy and his friend stop and look at the police officer in the car.  The car stops and the officer gets out.  He asks them;  "Say, you boys wouldn't know anything about some broken windows around here would you?"

"No....."  they answer.  They've been back at the festival all afternoon.

The police officer has them lean up against the car and frisks them.

They are too stunned and scared to say anything so they stand and wait.

The officer then tells them to get into the backseat of the squad car, they are going for a little ride.

(This is totally illegal of him, but the boys are 12 years old, scared and don't know any different.)

Scared and sitting in the back seat, the officer drives ahead a few blocks and turns down a side street with new construction in the area.  As he drives he interrogates the boys as to their names, where they live, where they've been, what they've been doing and whether they've been walking through the new construction area throwing rocks and breaking into empty homes.

The boys are confused but tell him no... again, they've been at the festival.

The police officer stops at a town home complex and tells the boys to stay put as he gets out of the car and approaches the front door of one of the duplexes.  He rings the bell and waits.  The door is opened by a heavyset white woman with dirty, loose mismatched clothing, who greets the officer and then sticks her head out past the officers to glare at the police car and specifically, the boys sitting in the backseat.  The police officer nods and walks back to the car.

He tells the boys they've had a complaint that the woman thought she heard glass breaking and thought it might be coming from the homes under construction at the end of the block.  He tells them, "So boys, we're going to drive through.  Are we going to find some broken windows?"

The boys tell him not that they know of.  Inside they are thinking, "I hope they don't find any broken glass, because if they DO they are going to blame it on us!"

Luckily all is quiet and the police officer doesn't see any broken windows as they slowly cruise up and down the streets. He drives back towards the festival and drops the boys off with an admonishment of not getting into any trouble or breaking anything or he knows who they are.


A teenager waits in a hotel parking lot for his friend on a Friday evening around 8:pm.  He and his friend are going to go hang out and play video games, but his friend has to stop to say hi to a girl who is having a birthday party there, and will be out in 5 minutes.

As the teen waits in his car a police officer pulls up in his squad car.  He drives slowly through the parking lot and stops next to the teen.  Getting out of his car he approaches the teenager and asks him what he's doing hanging out in the parking lot.  The teen tells him he's just waiting for his friend to come out and he should be out in a just a minute or two.

The cop continues with questions as to why they are at the hotel, what they are doing and where they are going.  The teen answers all questions as sitting around playing video games on Friday night is pretty much the biggest excitement they have planned.

The police officer is looking around the inside of the teen's car as he talks to him supposedly just making conversation.  At this point the officer gets a bit of an attitude and asks him if he has any alcohol or controlled substances.  The teen responds in the negative.  The cop asks him if he can search his vehicle?  "Sure" the teen answers.

The teenager has been through this before.  He drives a 10 year old silver Pontiac that shouts "teen" driver all over it.  He's pulled over, watched and approached by the police all too often.

The police officer makes him pop his trunk open.

Orange and green Solo cups are laying in the trunk.  The police officers head and shoulders get a little more rigid.  He assumes he is going to bust the teen for alcohol!  He smirks and tilts his head to look into the trunk.  Does he find beer? Bottles of vodka?

Nope.  He sees three cartons of soda pop.  Grape, strawberry and orange to be exact.  The teens favorite kinds.

The police officer gives him a little ribbing for having soda.  The teen informs the officer he doesn't drink alcohol but he loves orange soda.  The police officer leaves empty handed, the friend comes back out and they leave.

Just another night being hassled by the cops.


The 12 year old boy and the 'teen' in the two examples (Just two of many examples) above are my son.
A good kid.  Catholic. Non-drinker. Non-partier. Drives the speed limit. Drinks soda. Plays video games. On the football, baseball and track teams.  
Spent his whole teenage life being hassled by police officers. 
He's white. With blonde hair with green eyes.