It's Just the Coffee Talking: Pondering news headline: MOTHER COMMITS POST-BIRTH ABORTION, GETS LIFE IN PRISON

Saw this headline this morning and it did just what the author was hoping to do:  get my attention by the use of one phrase in the headline. 

Post-Birth Abortion

She committed and was found guilty of murdering her newborn baby.  
By calling it post-birth abortion it makes you ponder.
Should abortion be called 'pre-birth murder'?
It is what it is.  But the word 'abortion' has been used and overused so much it lacks the punch it had 30 years ago.
The word fetus makes people disconnect from what it really is; a little tiny human baby.
Fetus. Murder. Abortion. Pre or post birth abortion. Babies.

We're all talking about the same things... but it was something to ponder this morning, sipping my coffee and seeing the headline;  Mother Commits Post-Birth Abortion, Gets Life in Prison