Pondering over Coffee: The REAL social game; Pokemon Go

Chit chat around the kitchen table this morning.....

I briefly wrote about the new Pokemon Go app yesterday but while I'm sitting here with morning coffee I just had to shake my head and chuckle.  My son had yesterday off from work.  He sent me a snapchat photo later of a bunch of random strangers in the park, all of them with their phones out, playing Poke'mon Go and meeting each other in the process.  

He texted me at 10:PM last night to say that he was just getting home.  He had left his apartment that morning at 11:00 am to walk to the park, playing the app.  He ended up meeting so many new people also playing the game that he ended up walking all over town, hanging out in the park, met about 20 new people and got home last night at 10:00 pm.  He said it was funny that Pokemon is a game; yet all the people playing it around town yesterday were adults, married couples, people with babies... no kids.

He hates computers, so he was happy to see so many people outside making REAL friend connections and not sitting inside on social media.