The Keurig is leaking SO bad we will once again be shopping for a coffee maker....

Rambling over coffee...

If you've been around these parts long or you've done a search, you know that I love the taste of coffee made fresh in a Keurig but oh, how they have terrible quality machines.  Better than ten years ago... but still hit or miss.  We've had 5 or 6 machines since 2005. (Now that I'm thinking about it, it could actually be 7 Keurigs since our first purchase in 2005.)  It's now July of 2016 so ours have averaged 2 years; give or take.  Some lasted 2 weeks or 5 months and others about 3 or 4 years so it all averages out.

The thing I hate about Keurigs is they do NOT want anyone trying to fix them... so they make it almost impossible to DIY.  We've taken apart 2 machines over the years but found it worthless and waste of time.  They want you to just buy a new one, and apparently that's what people do.

We always buy our coffee makers from Best Buy because I want the Black Tie Protection Plan.  (It's been 2 years since we bought our last one... I think it's still called Black Tie).  We learned early on with Keurigs; they make great coffee but they break down and their customer service sucks.  They want to blame it on you and telling you you did something wrong even if you haven't.  Most of them are reading from a script and are impossible to communicate with.  They don't care.

Ah... I think the coffee is starting to talk again.  Back on topic!

So our current Keurig started to leak last year but it was intermittently and did so, that we thought it was us.  "Hmm, there is a pool of water next to the reservoir, did I accidentally spill?"  That sort of thing.  Then it got worse but I couldn't tell where it was leaking from so I folded a kitchen towel under the machine and some days it was completely dry, other days it would be soaked through like a toddler's diaper.  No rhyme or reason.

However we are now at the point where not only do we know it's leaking (it's not us) and it's leaking so much the towel is soaked daily... I have to concede.  Do I use one of the other 5 'regular' coffee pots we own instead?  I don't like the taste of 'pot' coffee though.  It just doesn't compare to fresh, single cup brewed.  We own 2 Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer; my husband has one in his office at work and our 20 year old has one for her college dorm.  I would consider getting another as they've worked perfectly for them thus far.  But... I also used a family members Keurig 2.0 Brewing System while staying at their home this spring, and I loved being able to brew all 3 cups of my hot, strong, black coffee at one time, into my travel mug.  No using 3 small k-cups and the taste was of course, incredible as most freshly brewed cups are. However, at one time we had a Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brewstation which we LOVED but they were 'new' at the time and needed some engineering changes in design (the seal in the coffee reservoir dried out with the heat and leaked terribly) but they have improved them SO MUCH over the last 10 years that I'm seriously considering one again.   They have also came out with a version that can be a brewstation or a single mug serving... which I am going to research a bit because I really think it's a contender. (Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker, 2-Way).  I've mentioned the iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer previously but honestly I haven't read enough personal reviews to know if I trust it to be a long-working machine or not (then again, Keurigs constantly break so it's got to be better than that, right?). 

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