Pondering over Coffee: American law does not recognize the concept of aerial trespass

Just 2 nights ago I was visiting with one of my brothers and the subject of drones came up; in particular, the subject of shooting down drones came up.  He and I are of the same train of thought; if a drone is flying over and hovering over me and my family and my property... I should be able to shoot it down.  To me it's no different than the owner of that drone standing there spying on me and my family.  I don't stand for 'peeping Toms' and if you are watching or recording what your drone is viewing then you are a peeping Tom. He told me of a news story he read where a Dad shot down a drone that was being used to spy on his daughter and her friends having a pool party in their own backyard.  More power to that Dad for blowing the drone out of the air - peeping Tom's getting their rocks off by viewing young girls through their drones deserve it.

Tonight I was reading a completely unrelated story when a click led to a click and ended up reading this story:  a 65 year old woman in Virginia shot down a drone - source: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/08/65-year-old-woman-takes-out-drone-over-her-virginia-property-with-one-shot/

At the end of the story is the 'further reading' portion which I  found interesting.  It's about how we are so behind the times that our laws don't have a black and white answer about who is legally in the right.  I think right now it's whomever has the better lawyer?

For now, American law does not recognize the concept of aerial trespass. But as the consumer drone age has taken flight, legal scholars have increasingly wondered about this situation. The best case-law on the issue dates back to 1946, long before inexpensive consumer drones were technically feasible. That year, the Supreme Court ruled in a case known as United States v. Causby that a farmer in North Carolina could assert property rights up to 83 feet in the air.

In that case, American military aircraft were flying above his farm, disturbing his sleep and upsetting his chickens. As such, the court found he was owed compensation. However, the same decision also specifically mentioned a "minimum safe altitude of flight" at 500 feet—leaving the zone between 83 and 500 feet as a legal gray area. "The landowner owns at least as much of the space above the ground as he can occupy or use in connection with the land," the court concluded.

Last year, a pilot in Stanislaus County, California, filed a small claims lawsuit against a neighbor who shot down his drone and won. However, it is not clear whether the pilot managed to collect. Similarly, a case ensued in Kentucky after a man shot down a drone that he believed was flying above his property. The shooter in that case, William Merideth, was cleared of local charges, including wanton endangerment.

But earlier this year, the Kentucky drone's pilot, David Boggs, filed a lawsuit asking a federal court in Louisville to make a legal determination as to whether his drone’s flight constituted trespassing. Boggs asked the court to rule that there was no trespass and that he is therefore entitled to damages of $1,500 for his destroyed drone. The case is still pending.

The new coffee brewer is ordered! Good-bye Keurig, I ordered an iCoffee this time! (Davinci Style)

After all this hemming and hawing, I returned from being out of state for a couple weeks only to grow frustrated with the Keurig leaking like a sieve while it tries (tries!) to suck up water from the reservoir.  I put the latest sopping wet towel in the laundry and went online to Amazon to look at brewers.  I need to add that I've been looking at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as company sites but the honest fact of the matter is that I just don't have it in my budget to buy right now and I had a little bit of Amazon credit I could use.

So by lack-of-funds-default, Amazon it was.  Also due to this little fundage shortfall, I opted for the smaller iCoffee Davinci instead of the iCoffee 72 oz Mozart I would have gotten had I had a bit more to spend.  No worries; this should give me a good look into the product brand at least and YES I will be reviewing in a future post!

PS:  I took the bottom off the Keurig and you can clearly see where the tube is leaking; however the tube is still inserted up into the machine so it wasn't a 'quick and easy' fix I was hoping for.  I was hoping I would see it had come loose and I could re-insert it.  No go. This is our 6th (?) Keurig since 2005 and it's time to give iCoffee a try.

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Remember all the voting fraud of 2012? I bet it's small compared to what we find after the 2016 voting is underway.

All credit for this post goes to WND as I was going to start to research some links for my page and found they already had done a lot of it for me!  Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/the-big-list-of-vote-fraud-reports/#GymX0HsChGtRyYcE.99

From 2012: The outcome of the Nov. 6 presidential election shocked almost everyone, with very few analysts expecting Barack Obama to win so decisively and to take so many of the “battleground” states that seemed to be pulling toward Romney.

But then the reports of voting irregularities started leaking out, then gushing out – like the 59 different Philadelphia voting divisions in which Mitt Romney received zero votes compared to Obama’s 19,605. And the Cleveland precinct in which Obama beat Romney 542 to 0. (In fact, Romney received zero votes in nine Cleveland precincts.) And that’s just the beginning.

WND is compiling a list of reports documenting voting irregularities and apparent fraud during the 2012 presidential tabulation. These reports include:

The Market Daily News reported on those 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, that on election day gave Romney zero votes, and Obama got 99 percent. “In more than 50 different precincts, Romney received two votes or less,” the report said. “One would think that such improbable results would get the attention of somebody out there.”

According to Philly.com, 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia produced a “head-spinning figure,” not one vote for Romney. “The unanimous support for Obama in these Philadelphia neighborhoods – clustered in almost exclusively black sections of West and North Philadelphia – fertilizes fears of fraud, despite little hard evidence,” the newspaper said.

A poll watcher told WND up to 10 percent of the ballots cast at a polling station in Pennsylvania reverted to a default, which gave Barack Obama a vote no matter who the voter had selected. The incident took place in the state where officials claimed Obama got a total of 19,605 votes in 59 voting divisions to zero for Mitt Romney and not far from the 100 precincts in Ohio where Obama got 99 percent of the vote, a feat not even achieved by third-world dictators. It was in Upper Macungie Township, near Allentown, Pa., where an auditor, Robert Ashcroft, was dispatched by Republicans to monitor the vote on Election Day. He said the software he observed would “change the selection back to default – to Obama.”

Chicago elections worker Steve Pickrum told WND as an equipment manager for the elections system, he was called when a voting machine malfunctioned. “On early voting when I did work on the floor when voters needed help using the equipment, I was able to see the preference of the voter, and every time that I saw [a] voter voted for Romney a ‘voter save failure’ message came up on the screen,'” he reported. Then when he went on election day to vote himself, he picked Romney and experienced the same error message. He reported he never experienced the error message when the voter was choosing Barack Obama.

Another poll worker, this one assigned at the University of Michigan, reported to WND a list of irregularities, including that the precinct captain told her at one point, “You go sit down, you are bothering me,” when she was trying to observe the proceedings. “I was only standing there and looking at voter documents,” she told WND. “It was clear that what bothered him was my very presence.” She said a short time later a young man arrived and identified himself as a Democrat poll challenger. “The first time he said anything was to object to my challenge of a voter. He tried to anger the voter by telling her ‘She does not believe you are who you say you are.’ He was trying to create a scene. It then happened again and I told him ‘You are not here to challenge me!’ His reply was a very loud ‘Yes I am! You are a Republican and you are here to prevent people from voting. You are holding up the line and creating obstructions,'” she reported. She told WND in fact no one waited more than about 15 minutes to vote the entire day, and there were no obstructions.

And in Florida, the Sun Sentinel reported that election workers a week after the election said they found 963 unaccounted-for ballots – in a warehouse. “How can you lose them? This is terrible,” candidate Chickie Brandimarte told officials. Election supervisor Brenda Snipes, however, said it’s routine for various vote totals to be adjusted up until the Nov. 18 final certification.
Also in Florida, residents began demanding changes in the electoral system that handed voters chaos, frustration and delays at polling stations. The Florida League of Women Voters and other groups are demanding from Gov. Rick Scott a plan to draft reforms for the state’s elections.

Fox News reported that voters in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio also said they had pushed a button on a touch-screen voting machine for Romney, but the machines recorded their vote for Obama.

Fox News reported that two election judges were replaced after illegally allowing unregistered voters to cast ballots.

The Columbus Dispatch estimated that more than 20 percent of registered Ohio voters aren’t eligible. “In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population,” the report said. And, it said, in 31 other counties, registrations are above 90 percent of the population, “a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts.”

Fox News also documented how Senate candidate Wendy Long, an attorney who was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, recounted her voting experience. “A poll worker who was at the scanner studied my private ballot and proceeded to tell me that it was rejected because I did not ‘fill in every space.’ She then proceeded to indicate that I should mark the Democratic line all the way down.”

On YouTube was the testimony of a computer programmer, telling the Ohio Legislature that he was able to write a program that would rig elections by flipping the total vote from the real winner to a pre-selected candidate.

The Washington Times reported that officials in Florida banned observers from seeing the absentee ballots being opened and “there was no way to know whether the absentee ballots that were produced were the same ones that were opened, or if all the ballots were produced.”

Human Events claimed Ohio voters who are native to Somalia were being given a slate card saying, “Vote Brown all the way down” – an apparent reference to the Democratic senator.

The Washington Times reported its suspicions of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, including that “in Philadelphia, the [New] Black Panthers are currently standing outside polling booths, intimidating voters just like they did in 2008.” It said, too, that 70 Republican polling inspectors were blocked from access.

The following are examples of media reports on voter fraud in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election:

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/the-big-list-of-vote-fraud-reports/#GymX0HsChGtRyYcE.99

New to Me: Alessi Espresso Coffee Maker (and a link for a replacement gasket)

This morning I was going through the mail and had a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond so I went to their site to price their coffee makers, espresso makers and food processors (because yes, I still need to make up my mind and purchase something but I've not had the extra money to spend so I haven't yet!).  

I saw the Alessi Stove Top Espresso Coffee maker on their site for just over $200 so I came to Amazon to price them.  I am not sure I'd want a stove top maker but I know many people would, so I thought 'what the heck' I'd do a quick mention of it on Just the Coffee Talking.

Because I don't own one, I was interested in some of the comments - bits and pieces I read include;

".....snaps closed rather than screws together like other stovetop espresso makers"

"....made from steel rather than aluminum"

 "....handle closure scheme is a huge improvement over the twist-to-close models"

Alessi Stove Top Espresso  Coffee Maker

Alessi Stove Top Espresso 3 Cup Coffee Maker in 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished With Magnetic Bottom Suitable For Induction Cooking, Silver

  • Designer: Richard Sapper
  • In 18/10 stainless steel
  • Hand wash suggested
  • Works on induction stove tops
  • Dimensions: 7″ x 41/4″

Product Description

The 9090 isn't just the first stove top espresso coffee maker in history: it was also first object for the kitchen after the 1930s, the first of many Compasso d'Oro awards (1979), first object to be inducted into the Permanent Design Collection at the New York MOMA, and of course it's the best-loved Alessi coffee maker bar none, as well as first "amphibious object", i.e. it is for kitchen use, but with its high design quality it can also be brought directly to the table.

Dimensions4.3 x 6.9 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight 1.4 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.5 pounds
Manufacturer Alessi
Item model number 9090/3

I did note this style may eventually need a replacement gasket;  I found this one listed with the product above:

  • Alessi 29704 Gasket Rubber Washer for Art. 9090/3
  • Packaging: 1 pieces


Related products available through Amazon;
Alessi MDL02/3 R "Pulcina" Stove Top Espresso 3 Cup Coffee Maker in Aluminum Casting Handle And Knob in Pa, Red
Alessi AAM33/3 "Moka" Stove Top Espresso 3 Cup Coffee Maker in Aluminium Casting Handle And Knob in Thermoplastic Resin, Black
Bialetti 06909 6-Cup Espresso Coffee Maker, Purple

Vacationing Mom is Arrested for Leaving Kids While She Ran To the Store for Some Groceries

Sources:  http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/news/a40097/mom-arrested-leaving-kids-home-alone/  and http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/08/20/police-mom-charged-leaving-children-alone-while-picking-up-food/89042428/

At what age can kids be left home alone, if at all? 

One mom thought her kids would be fine, but probably now regrets her choice. While on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE, Susan Terrillion, 55, of Maryland left her 8- and 9-year-old kids in their getaway rental when she went to pick up food five miles away. The action resulted in her arrest, USA Today reports. She was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of her children.

Police responded around 7:30 p.m. for a report of two young children left alone at a residence.
A witness told police that he made contact with the children when their dogs ran into Country Club Drive in front of his vehicle, Riddle said. The witness stopped to help the children get control of the dogs and learned they were alone, Riddle said.

Police learned that Terrillion allowed her 9-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl to stay at their vacation rental alone while she went to pick up food. She was gone for at least 45 minutes, Riddle said. Terrillion was arrested, charged and released on $500 unsecured bail. Neither the children nor the dogs were injured, police said.


What is wrong with nosy people?  The kids were fine, healthy, happy and on vacation.  Obviously not neglected or being harmed or beaten.  Their Mom was grabbing some food!  The media wants to berate parents for being "HELICOPTER PARENTS" but hello?  If you are not literally hanging on to your 12 year old's hand, wiping their butt for them and following them around every second of the day, some idiot stranger is going to call the police on you and have you arrested.  

This Mother (who knows her kids better than anyone) believed the 8 and 9 year olds were mature enough to stay on their own for 45 minutes while she grabbed some groceries for their rental house while vacationing.  It's HER parenting call.  It's not the neighbors business or a strangers business nor even the police business if this Mom feels her 9 year old is old enough to be home alone for a bit while she runs down the street to the store.  The kids were FINE and there was no law broken - it's just a personal choice of deciding when to start allowing your kids to be alone for small chunks of time to learn responsibility and decision making.  

This woman needs to be released... and that damn nosy neighbor needs to learn to keep their nose in their own business.

Fill N Brew Filters - review (not sponsored - I bought them myself)

Do you still have one of these bad boys?  One of the first 'my k-cup' reuseable cups Keurig came out with way back when.  They work ok - but ours has been pushed to the back of the cupboard for years.  The flavor wasn't quite up to par with our favorite k-cups but also, they are just so messy!  Wet grinds that stick in the filter and you have to bang it against the side of the trash can get the wet grinds to come out.  Then, walk over to the sink and have to rinse it out.

While at the grocery store, I was looking at some disposable k-cup style cups with filters; but I just didn't like the idea of throwing out the disposable cups - I might as well just buy the darn k-cups if I'm going to assemble a plastic cup, filter and lid myself.  But there, hanging on a clip strip next to them was a little package of filters. TALL Filters;  like, taller than the average usual resuable cup and more like the 'old' tall reuseable cup I had in my cupboard at home.  It was worth a try!  It would solve my 'messy grinds' problem!

I bought them.  They are called Fill n' Brew filters.  You can see form my photo above they show you using the filter with the filter cup inside the long plastic reusable cup.  I wasn't sure how that would work, but I gave it a go.  As you can see...  the filter, in the permanent filter cup is just so tall.  I tried it; and you have to kind of squish the paper filter down or try to fold it over, which doesn't work and is too much hassle.

An easy fix?  I ignored the photo on their product label and completely took the metal and plastic filter out and set it aside.  It's not needed since you are using a paper filter instead of their metal/plastic filter.   By taking out the cup, just pop the paper into the long plastic reuseable cup.  Fill with your favorite ground coffee and put the top on.

Use as usual (you have to take the k-cup holder out of your machine - it pops right out if you press up from the bottom - and then you simply place your reusable cup in it.)  Brew as usual.  No grinds in your coffee, and the coffee actually brews a little better as the water is in contact with the grinds longer so you get a better brew than the quick straight shot through in the shorter cups.

To clean, just grab the sides of the paper filter and pull it out and toss the filter and grounds in the trash.  Easy peasy!

Products related to this post available through Amazon;

Keurig My K-Cup Replacement Coffee Filter Set fits B30 B40 B50 B60 B70 series
Reusable Coffee K-cup* Cups (Set of 2) with 50 Filters - 100% Compatible with Keurig*
Fill 'n Brew, Disposable Cups - 24 ct
Disposable Filters for Use in Keurig® Brewers - Simple Cups - 100 Replacement Filters - Use Your Own Coffee in K-cups
LaMi Products Economy Kitchen Accessory Fill N Brew Reusable Filters with 50-Paper Filter
LaMi Products INC Economy Kitchen Accessory Fill N Brew Disposable Cups, 36-Count

So perhaps I will start wearing my tall rubber boots in the yard after all. (Copperhead skin shed - a full shed) Pretty if you like that sort of thing. I don't.

I've got some freshly brewed coffee here, and thought I'd sit down for a little chat.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and I decided although it's wicked hot outside, I love the heat, I love the sun and a nice break would feel lovely.  I grabbed a nice thick book to read (Little Women if you are interested) and headed out off to the deck to the patio, where we have a hammock set up.

That's about as far as I got on that book.  Didn't even crack it open.

My husband always chides me for going in our woods or down by the creek, barefoot.  I can't really help it as I don't usually plan to go into the woods.  It's just that I think I'll step out onto the deck for a nice sip of coffee and a morning sunrise and suddenly I'll think;  "I should go check on those blueberry bushes"  "I could just go pull some of those weeds"  or the dogs take off running into the woods and there I go, running after them, calling them back.  It happens.  So I rarely, rarely ever remember to slip on my rubber boots and for the past 4 1/2 years we've lived here my answer to the husband is;  "I've been in those woods numerous times and I've never, ever seen a snake!"  (We DO have lots of them around; and I've had a huge black King Snake living in our wood pile - which I loved because they are the good guys and eat bad guys.  We've had rattlers and copperheads but never close to the house.  Only down in the ditch by the road or dead in the road.)  

Welp...  yeah.

So Mr. Copperhead left his clothes  on our patio last night. A nice full, complete suit.

The single anal gland scale (not divided)

The little pit (heat sensor) between the eye and the nose

Single row of scales at the bottom; not the split 'double' scale row.  Double is good (not venomous) while the single row of scales is venomous.

Mr. Copperhead is just shy of 3 feet.

Oh!  I should probably add.  From what I can find in researching, some people say sulfur and mothballs get rid of them as they can't stand the smell.  But every 'professional' site claims this is false and doesn't do a thing.  Then again, they are hoping you will call them to pay them for pest removal services so, perhaps they have an ulterior motive?  But nonetheless, a way of trapping that has been suggested is large glue strips.  I've got a bunch of heavy duty glue strips left from a pest control company and I figured I'd lay those out first - on the direct path next to the foundation leading towards the deck, that Mr. Copperhead was taking last night when he shed his clothing.  If I can get him that way, that will solve a host of problems and if he's stuck well enough, I can use my machete on him...  if this doesn't work or he avoid the glue strips, then I'll go to plan B.  I don't have a plan B yet but I'll come up with it.