Rambling over Coffee: Still haven't decided on a new coffee maker - don't want to spend the money!

So our Keurig still sits on the counter... on top of a thick kitchen towel.  Some days it barely leaks at all but then the next day it's completely incontinent.  Usually the later.  It's almost like being a parent of a diaper clad little one again.  I automatically put my hand out to 'check' if the towel is wet and needs to be changed.  I'm changing it almost as often as an infant as well.

I intended on checking with Best Buy to see if it was still under their Geek Squad Warranty (used to be Black Tie).  I gave that task to my husband to do last week as he is the one who purchased it and it's under one of his old account numbers at the store (Best Buy is not my idea of a fun store to shop at or browse so I rarely, if ever venture into the store).  But he hasn't "gotten around to it" so instead, I've been browsing Amazon for coffee makers as well as corded phones.  (Because we have terrible cellphone reception at our home & our phones don't work.  Also, I want a new one at the house for emergencies and for use during power outages, that's why.But I can't make up my mind!!!!!

Part of it is the money.  Part is the brand reputations and history of break downs.

These are the four I have in my bookmarks at Amazon;

Touch Choice T414S Single Serve Brewing System
iCoffee Mozart Single-Serve Coffee Maker Machine
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49983A Single Serve / Full Pot Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker, 2-Way (49980A)

  I feel the Touch is a little expensive.  If money were not considered I would probably choose it but it's new to the market and costs more than a Keurig would.  I am hesitating due to the cost although I like their technology.  (You can click the links to see more details about all these coffee makers.)

  I also love the iCoffee technology.  Both they and Touch have good ideas on getting more flavor out of the grounds.  I'm tempted... but it's again, a matter of budget.  I have no budget right now and we are scraping up funds from every source to pay our portion of our daughters Fall semester of College this week.  But this one is a top contender.

       And two from Hamilton Beach.  I have a lot of Hamilton Beach small appliances in my kitchen.  I like them.  But they do break.  I've gone through 3 food processors in the past 10 years so that means they are lasting about 3 years average.  I have owned Hamilton Beach brewers in the past and loved them; but they didn't last long enough due to the water proof seal drying out near the heating element and leaking all over.  (Gee, leaks seem to be my coffee issue with every brand in one way or another!).    I am looking at the Flexbrew options as I love it can use a cup as a single serve option OR make a pot.  But then I tell myself;  'When are you going to use the pot option?  You have like, 4 other coffeemakers in the pantry right now that are POT coffee makers and you hate them and never use them."  So there's that.  But when entertaining people at the house that are coffee drinkers, the larger pot option would be great and I wouldn't have to drag one of my other coffee makers out.

So...  there are my current options and thoughts as I sit here sipping my coffee (and waiting for a phone call... so that is why I decided to sit and stew over coffee maker choices again).  I take FOREVER to make purchase decisions. On anything and everything no matter if it's $4 or $400.  I can take weeks. Or even months.  (Or in the case of a dining room table?  YEARS.)

By the time I'm into 2 strong, hot, black cups I'm prone to rambling.  Eh, it's just the coffee talking again.