So perhaps I will start wearing my tall rubber boots in the yard after all. (Copperhead skin shed - a full shed) Pretty if you like that sort of thing. I don't.

I've got some freshly brewed coffee here, and thought I'd sit down for a little chat.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and I decided although it's wicked hot outside, I love the heat, I love the sun and a nice break would feel lovely.  I grabbed a nice thick book to read (Little Women if you are interested) and headed out off to the deck to the patio, where we have a hammock set up.

That's about as far as I got on that book.  Didn't even crack it open.

My husband always chides me for going in our woods or down by the creek, barefoot.  I can't really help it as I don't usually plan to go into the woods.  It's just that I think I'll step out onto the deck for a nice sip of coffee and a morning sunrise and suddenly I'll think;  "I should go check on those blueberry bushes"  "I could just go pull some of those weeds"  or the dogs take off running into the woods and there I go, running after them, calling them back.  It happens.  So I rarely, rarely ever remember to slip on my rubber boots and for the past 4 1/2 years we've lived here my answer to the husband is;  "I've been in those woods numerous times and I've never, ever seen a snake!"  (We DO have lots of them around; and I've had a huge black King Snake living in our wood pile - which I loved because they are the good guys and eat bad guys.  We've had rattlers and copperheads but never close to the house.  Only down in the ditch by the road or dead in the road.)  

Welp...  yeah.

So Mr. Copperhead left his clothes  on our patio last night. A nice full, complete suit.

The single anal gland scale (not divided)

The little pit (heat sensor) between the eye and the nose

Single row of scales at the bottom; not the split 'double' scale row.  Double is good (not venomous) while the single row of scales is venomous.

Mr. Copperhead is just shy of 3 feet.

Oh!  I should probably add.  From what I can find in researching, some people say sulfur and mothballs get rid of them as they can't stand the smell.  But every 'professional' site claims this is false and doesn't do a thing.  Then again, they are hoping you will call them to pay them for pest removal services so, perhaps they have an ulterior motive?  But nonetheless, a way of trapping that has been suggested is large glue strips.  I've got a bunch of heavy duty glue strips left from a pest control company and I figured I'd lay those out first - on the direct path next to the foundation leading towards the deck, that Mr. Copperhead was taking last night when he shed his clothing.  If I can get him that way, that will solve a host of problems and if he's stuck well enough, I can use my machete on him...  if this doesn't work or he avoid the glue strips, then I'll go to plan B.  I don't have a plan B yet but I'll come up with it.