The new coffee brewer is ordered! Good-bye Keurig, I ordered an iCoffee this time! (Davinci Style)

After all this hemming and hawing, I returned from being out of state for a couple weeks only to grow frustrated with the Keurig leaking like a sieve while it tries (tries!) to suck up water from the reservoir.  I put the latest sopping wet towel in the laundry and went online to Amazon to look at brewers.  I need to add that I've been looking at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as company sites but the honest fact of the matter is that I just don't have it in my budget to buy right now and I had a little bit of Amazon credit I could use.

So by lack-of-funds-default, Amazon it was.  Also due to this little fundage shortfall, I opted for the smaller iCoffee Davinci instead of the iCoffee 72 oz Mozart I would have gotten had I had a bit more to spend.  No worries; this should give me a good look into the product brand at least and YES I will be reviewing in a future post!

PS:  I took the bottom off the Keurig and you can clearly see where the tube is leaking; however the tube is still inserted up into the machine so it wasn't a 'quick and easy' fix I was hoping for.  I was hoping I would see it had come loose and I could re-insert it.  No go. This is our 6th (?) Keurig since 2005 and it's time to give iCoffee a try.

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