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I've mentioned previously that I don't have Amazon Prime - and for me and my interests, it's not a good buy.  I gave up watching TV in the Fall of 1999 (or was it 98'?) and never went back.  I have a library that loans ebooks, I am never worried about needing 2 day delivery on my Amazon orders and I don't use any of their 'extras' that come with Prime.  

I do have 2 daughters who subscribe to it though - one in college and one graduated - both use it at least 1-2 times a week and they LOVE streaming videos and TV shows.  My oldest had so many headaches and 'outages' with her DISH network that she cancelled it completely last month and only watches streamed tv shows and movies.  She is THRILLED with her decision as DISH was 'out' nearly 5-6 hours a day at her home.  

My point is... it's not a good deal for EVERYONE but it might be for you.  And if you were considering getting Amazon Prime to watch unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies, I'm just gonna ask that you might consider clicking through the link below.  Because I'm an affiliate of Amazon and everyone that signs up from my affiliate link means I get a tiny credit in my account towards that stupid coffee maker and corded phone I need and have posted about over the last week or two.

Thanks so much for clicking!!!

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