Rambling over coffee: Where are they now? Kids I used to babysit!

Tonight I don't actually have coffee in hand as it's after 8:pm and I'm hoping to be to bed by 10:30 tonight.  Caffeine would have me up til 1:00 am I am sure.  But never-the-less I'm going to 'ramble' a bit over cyber-coffee if you will.

I like to explain where the ideas for my posts come from and this one comes from clicking on my hometown paper online and glancing through the obituaries.  I saw a last name I recognized so I clicked on the name to find out if it was a relation to those I knew with the name.  It ends up it wasn't (An Aunt to the family I knew) but that led to me thinking about their kids as I was their main babysitter for nights and weekends when they would go out or more often, both the parents were working crazy shifts, as one drove an ambulance and the other, a nurse. 

When I started to babysit for them there were just two kids.  A little girl and a little boy.  A crazy, hyper, difficult little girl and a little boy.  She was loud, impossible and sometimes quite a little terror.  Luckily I was the oldest of four kids myself and had a handful of brothers so I knew how to deal with kids and many of my tricks worked. 

After seeing their family name in the paper I did a very quick internet search to see if I could find out what and who the little girl grew up to be.  Well gracious - there she was.  A married Mom of two and she became a Psychologist!  I had to take a moment to wrap my mind around that one and I admit, I had a little chuckle.  That kid causes me so much strife - she was just a little terror. Grew up to be a Psychologist.  Her brother grew up to be a business analyst. 

As my mind brought up a few other names from the past, I would do a quick search with the big "G" search engine and see if anything popped up.  Not really important enough to dig or spend more than 10 seconds on a search but I did a lot of babysitting as a teenager so I easily found a handful of names I recalled.

One of 'pretty good kids' I had sat for was the oldest brother in a family of three children.  The oldest was a great kid, his sister was a handful (for everyone... including the parents and grandparents) and the youngest brother was just a sweetheart.  That pretty good kid ended up playing college football (yes, it was a little surreal to watch him playing on television) became a Civil Engineer.  

A family with five children was my ultimate favorite family in the whole world (at the time) and I just adored their children.  Especially interested in the two oldest little girls, one grew up to be a specialist in chemical engineering and the second is a housewife but what was shocking was to find a photo of her in our hometown paper and I didn't realize it was her; I honestly thought it was a picture of her Mom.  I had to stop and think to myself that I was remembering what her Mom looked like waaaay back when - and of course the girl I remember is all grown up now!  Sure enough, it was her and she absolutely was a dead ringer for her mother.  Kind of neat to see!

Another child I watched 'way back when' grew up to be a salesperson at a tire store and another entered into the military.

So many different careers. So interesting to see those little children all grown up to be adults.

Funny how they all got old but I stayed 17.