Review of my new icoffee coffeemaker! Davinci Model - (NOT sponsored, just me rambling over coffee)

It's here!  It's here!  After about 6 (or is it 7?) Keurigs since 2005, when our last one was leaking all over the counter and soaking 2 kitchen towels a day, it was time to throw in the towel (cue laughter) and get a new machine.  I wish I could say I could choose whatever my heart desired, but truth is, I had no money.  Which is why we put up with a horrible Keurig for so long.  But I finally got a tiny bit of a budget through some credits at Amazon and found one I had been wanting to try since I first heard about them last year.

iCoffee.  More specifically, the iCoffee Davinci Single Serve Coffee Brewer with Spin Brew Technology.

Ok, truth be told, I would have loved the larger model (iCoffee Mozart Single-Serve Coffee Maker Machine) but I couldn't afford it.  So, Davinci it is, but oh I love love love it so far!  Here it is in the box as it arrived from Amazon....

  • Features Spin Brew technology which spins, steams and stirs in the cup while brewing in under a minute
  • One touch brewing for 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounce sizes
  • Uses ALL K-style cups including K-Cup, One Cup, Real Cup and EVERY private label cup
  • Energy Saver mode with Automatic Shut off
  • Features 55 ounce water reservoir and a large removable drip tray that accommodates large mugs

Product Description (directly from the Amazon description from the company)

ICoffee by Remington brings patented Spin Brew technology to our easy to use single serve coffee brewer. Our technology spins, steams and stirs the coffee inside the pod while brewing which creates a smoother flavor and creates a richer fuller cup of coffee. Our brewer works with all K-style cups including K-Cup, One Cup, Real Cup capsules - plus EVERY private label brand cups. The Express also features our Pour'n Brew function which allows you to add water for the size beverage you want. You can make a 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounce drink. Our unit is also BPA free and has a compact design.

Right out of the box I laid down on the padded bench by a sunny window and read through the instruction manual.
I probably didn't need to as it's so similar to Keurig - and I've owned Keurigs since 2005 but I didn't want
to miss anything or do something wrong if there was any difference. (There really wasn't.)

First, I washed it gently with soap and water.
Hit the Power button. I filled up the reservoir with water and placed it in the machine.
I opened the lid to peer inside and check it out - but obviously did not put in any coffee yet.
First, to clean it out a bit and prime it for the first cup!

It's sucking down the water into the machine to heat.

It tells you when it's heating so you can't brew yet. It's really fast though - first heat was about 1 minute!

Choosing the largest 12 oz. setting to get the first run of clear water through the machine

Not as hot as Keurig claims to be - and I'm a 192 degrees please kind of girl, but admittedly it seemed hotter than 164 degrees.

Pouring out the first water - time to brew real coffee!

Just pop your little cup or icoffee reusable in and close the lid.

Ready to brew in under 3-4 minutes out of the box!

I wanted to compare to my regular Keurig brewed cup of coffee so I chose the typical 8 oz. LOVE that the icoffee offers 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.

Brewing like a champ

So, how did it compare?

It was very hot, and smelled great.  Quick brew.  Taste wise, I was surprised.  It seems to brew a stronger cup of coffee than Keurig!  I love this as I like my coffee hot, strong and black.  I am wondering if the spin-brew technology is what makes a smoother, bolder cup of coffee due to the water hitting more of the coffee grounds and therefore getting more flavor from each little k-cup.  Because the Keurig shoots water straight down and out of the cup, the icoffee seems to use more of the grounds and imparts more flavor because of it.  I'm just guessing on that...  because this was exactly how I brew my normal, everyday k-cups but this had more of a powerful punch and oh-so-good.

A couple complaints I've seen about the brewer are that it can stop working in less than 6 months.  I'll update on Coffee Talking if that happens of course!  But I know from experience Keurig did that too.  As a matter of fact we had one Keurig that only lasted 2 WEEKS.  We had another that lasted 4 years.  You just never know what you'll get.

The other complaint:  One complaint I read about in my exhaustive research before purchasing a new coffee maker was the people upset their machines would shut down after 2 hours and they would have to power them back up and it would take longer to wait to heat the water again.  Now, the icoffee has a 'sleep' mode after 2 hours but it keeps water warm (not 'brew hot') and wakes up quickly unless you leave it for 28 hours, in which it powers off.  However, if you push the energy saver button, it will power down after 2 hours instead and you do have to turn it back on.  Reading some of the complaints, it seems these people had pushed the energy saver button and causing it to go into power down after 2 hours instead of sleep mode.  TO TURN THIS OFF just push the energy saver button again.  This turns it off and it simply goes into 'sleep' mode and quickly wakes up instead of turning off.

Updates to come in the future but so far, the coffee is GOOD, the brew is strong, the mug is hot and I'm happy with my decision.

All 3 models available through Amazon - which is where I bought mine as well:

iCoffee Davinci Single Serve Coffee Brewer with Spin Brew Technology

iCoffee Mozart Single-Serve Coffee Maker Machine

Single Serve Express Steam Brew Coffee Maker

iCoffee Reusable iCup One Size