What I'm drinking this morning: Pablo's Pride Coffee (It's good. I mean really good!)

  It's a quick fly-by post this morning as I decided to post a quick "hey, here's what I'm drinking this morning".  Actually, it's what we've been drinking exclusively for 2 weeks.  Remember my post about the new icoffee brewer and the eco-cup and JavaJig we were going to use for a bit?  Well, we have been.  And since you put your own coffee into them, the last time I went to Sam's Club I decided to try this brand -Pablo's Pride - instead of the more expensive brands (like the Starbucks next to it that briefly went into my shopping cart before I changed my mind and swapped it out to try Pablo's).

Here is what they have to say about their own coffee... then I'll chime in after:

  • A favorite of Coffee Lovers worldwide, this delicious coffee is roasted Medium-Dark, has a rich and lively aroma, velvety body, low acidity, and sweet pleasant aftertaste. This is a high altitude, shade grown coffee, and because Guatemala has numerous active volcanoes, the sulfur in the soil adds to its unique taste and depth of flavor.
  • 2LB - Whole Bean - 100% Arabica - Origin: Guatemala, Sharing Certified Program(TM)
  • At CafĂ© Don PabloTM we feel that our coffee is the finest available. We use only the largest, most desirable Arabica beans, grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in the lush mountainous terrain of the world's coffee growing regions. These are award-winning beans that were cultivated by skilled farmers whose methods, knowledge, and passion for coffee have been handed down from generation to generation since the very first seed was planted.
  • We roast these special beans in small batches to ensure our customers optimum flavor and freshness. We have found that people who really appreciate a great cup of rich, aromatic coffee can taste the difference between our fresh, just roasted product, and others that are roasted by the metric ton by huge corporations. We hope you agree. - Darron J. Burke President, Cafe Don Pablo

As you can see from the picture I took and posted above, we have gone through one entire bag of Pablo's and this morning I'm opening a second.  I'm actually glad I decided to buy a 2nd bag at the last second or we would be 'out' of coffee this morning and no funds to replenish until payday Friday!  But in the store I read the package, I squeezed the bag to get a whiff of the aroma through the little air lock hole and from what I could tell, it was going to be good coffee - and it was a good price - so I took a chance.

Glad I did!  This is good coffee.  Really good coffee.

I like my coffee in a medium to dark roast and I drink it hot, strong and black.  If it's a bad coffee it's going to be 'in my face' obvious since I'm not adding any sugar, cream, syrups or anything else to mask the flavor.  It is what it is.  And this... is good coffee.

I can't say what the flavor would be in a big old 'pot' of coffee - I assume it's still just as good but I brew mine freshly ground, in single servings in my reusable cups in my iCoffee brewer (and in our Keurigs and our Mr. Coffee single serve brewers) and it's perfect.  The aroma has no disgusting smell of cigarette ashes, nor 'burnt' scent.  As it brews it fills the area with the fresh, deep scent of a yummy coffee.. and it it fulfills that promise.

What I like best about this coffee:  I like it strong so I brew mine at 6 oz. and the flavor is smooth, easy and not a hint of bitterness nor is it acidic.  Even the after taste is good.  There is nothing I find to be a downside to this coffee.

I found it at my local Sam's Club - and I'm going to buy 2 more bags this weekend if they still are stocking any (you know how membership clubs sometimes only carry smaller brands for a short time and then they disappear).  However, checking this morning I found it available on Amazon as well;

2LB Pablo's Pride Gourmet Coffee - Guatemala - Medium-dark Roast Coffee - Whole Bean Coffee - 2 Pound ( 2 lb ) Bag

As well as their 'signature' blend and if organic is what floats your boat, they had that available too!

   Pablo's Pride Organic Coffee - Whole Bean Coffee 12oz - Dark Roast Coffee - USDA Certified Organic Coffee - 12 oz bag