Christmas Coffee! Ground Coffee Variety Packs - 12 Count

Only once in all my years have I been given the 'gift' of a coffee variety pack... even though it's the perfect gift for me!  I guess it's telling that I remember that gift from a friend/neighbor even though it was probably 16 or 17 years ago!  So easy to buy and give but it's a gift a coffee-lover will appreciate and I love that it gives 12 mornings of joy instead of just 1.

I will be featuring some other 'coffee gifts' on It's Just the Coffee Talking but this morning I thought I'd keep it simple and feature two 12-pack variety packs I found this morning available through Amazon.


Enjoy a variety of rich tastes with this Premiere Brand Coffee Christmas Gift. The 12 Gifts Of Christmas feature 12 flavors that include French Roast, Mild Roast, Creme Brulee, Dark Roast, Breakfast Blend, Italian Roast, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, French Vanilla and more. This food gift set is suitable for coffee lovers.

Coffees of Christmas Gift Set, 12 Flavors

About the Product
  • 12 Festive gourmet coffees of Christmas
  • Includes:Creme Brulee, Cinnamon, Dark Roast, Breakfast Blend, French Vanilla, Chocolate Almond, Bistro Blend, Italian Roast, Irish Cream, Hazelnut, French Roast and Mild Roast
  • Each bag is 1 oz
  • Comes in a Holiday gift box


This charming box of coffees is the perfect advent calendar for the 12 mornings leading up to Christmas! 

Each set of twelve 1.5-oz foil bags (red, hunter green, gold and peacock blue) comes in a cheery red Coffee Time Tote box wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow and matching tag; each foil bag has its own vintage-style label based on the popular 12 Days of Christmas song. A fabulous and unique gift! The coffees in this set are listed below: One Partridge (Mistletoe Magic) Two Turtle Doves (Nutcracker Blend) Three French Hens (Creme Brulee) Four Calling Birds (Candy Cane) Five Golden Rings (Yuletide Tradition) Six Geese a Laying (Eggnog) Seven Swans a Swimming (Hazelnut Cream) Eight Maids a Milking (Home for the Holidays) Nine Ladies Dancing (Dutch Chocolate Brownie) Ten Lords a Leaping (Holiday Surprise) Eleven Pipers Piping (Gingerbread Spice) Twelve Drummers (Angel's Mist)

Coffee Gift Basket - Twelve Days of Christmas - 12 Flavored Holiday Coffees in 1.5-oz Foil Packaging

  • This charming box of coffees is the perfect advent calendar for the 12 mornings leading up to Christmas
  • The set of twelve 1.5-oz foil bags (red, hunter green, gold and peacock blue) comes in a cheery red Coffee Time Tote box wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow and matching tag
  • Each foil bag has its own vintage-style label based on the popular 12 Days of Christmas song.

From the News: In Australia: giant spider carrying a mouse is horrifying and impressive


Giant spider carrying a mouse is horrifying and impressive

A neighbor says ‘You want to see something cool?'

“So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse.”

Stills taken of the spider seem to show the arachnid clutching the mouse by its head with its chelicerae while it scurries up the fridge.

Wormal assures his friends that the spider is alive and well.

“Ok guys so just letting you all know that the spider is fine. We have named him Hermie, we have adopted him and he is now running his own extermination business out of our town Coppabella. Oh and he is now paying rent. Lol.”

Graham Milledge, the manager of the Australian Museum’s arachnology collection, said it was unusual, but not unheard of, for spiders to target vertebrates.

“This is the first time I’ve seen one catch a mouse, but I have seen huntsmen catch geckos. I’ve seen a redback spider catch a snake in its web, I’ve seen a golden orb spider catch birds.”

Milledge said the banded huntsman could grow to have a leg span as large as 16cm.

Does Amazon Price Match? Only on televisions.

Like many of my Coffee Talking posts, they are born from my own needs, research or shopping.  This morning I was looking up an item of furniture that is sold numerous places, including Amazon.  It was listed for $119 on Amazon but I can get the exact brand, model and color at Walmart, Jet, Hayneedle, Toys R Us, etc. for $99 and most offer free shipping.   However, I have a $100 gift credit on Amazon and wanted to use it so I was hoping to buy it there and not Walmart, Toys R Us, etc. 

That is what led me to check if Amazon offers price matching.
And they do.
But only for TV's.

From Amazon:

About Price Matching consistently works toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry and will match the price of other retailers for some items. will price match eligible purchases of televisions with select other retailers. For all other items, doesn't offer price matching.

Well, that doesn't help ME out at all, but I realized it might help some of my readers.  So... there you have it.  No price matching for furniture on Amazon.

"Wall Words" decor in a coffee theme....

Tonight the coffee talk is wall words - with a 'coffee' theme.

This week I got my table delivered (from Amazon - eek!  I've never ordered anything that large before but OH HOW I LOVE IT!!!!  And it came perfectly packaged so there was no damage.)  It's this one if you are wondering - Signature Design by Ashley Krinden Collection Counter Height Dining Room Table.)

But to get on with the topic of this post - wall words.

I have an area right behind the table, above the windows that needs... something.  And I'm deciding between a farmhouse style clock or perhaps some wall words.   That led me to looking through Amazon for ideas tonight and hey! Another great post idea.

Got a wall that needs some words?  Coffee themed?

JB JJ011 Wall Stickers Black Text Words for Home Cafe Shop Decoration ... (wake up to a good cup of coffee)

But First Coffee Vinyl Wall Decals Quotes Sayings Words Art Decor Lettering Vinyl Wall Art Inspirational Uplifting

You Can Do This Said Coffee Vinyl Wall Decals Quotes Sayings Words Art Decor Lettering Vinyl Wall Art Inspirational Uplifting

Coffee Cup with English Word Double Sided Removable Wall Vinyl Sticker Decals Decor Art Bedroom Design Mural Quotes for Window Glass Door

Now this is not 'wall words' as it's metal; but it's still kind of cool if you have the right space.

Coffee Word Kitchen/Home Decor Metal Wall Art

Oh Yeah - That story about the parents who had CPS called on them because their kids were having fun, playing in the rain!

Good Morning Coffee Friends -

This morning I'm sipping coffee, paying bills.  I was wondering what to chat about here at It's Just the Coffee Talking and I wondered if I had any 'draft' files saved that I never got around to.  Yep.  I totally forgot about this one, although it made me furious at the time.

In August, I saved this story because I was gobsmacked that our country has become... well, I don't even have words for it.

People judging others and then calling the department of human services, child protection services, the police, etc. to get involved when there are NO LAWS BEING BROKE.  People are making judgements of others based on their own personal experience, agenda, choices.

I have to say, that I'm a parent of 3 kids and my kids LOVED playing in the rain!  How fun to dance in the rain!  Laughing, spinning in circles, jumping in puddles.  Rain is beautiful. Rain doesn't hurt you.


And yet, letting their kids play in the rain got these parents in trouble with the department of children's services... all because of a nosy bitch of  neighbor.

Are YOU that neighbor?  If so... get a life.  Stay out of others business. If you don't let your kids play in the rain, that's your problem but stop judging others and for pete's sake, get off your righteous high-horse and stop involving authorities in your own little fucked up mind games.  (This woman in the article actually asked them if they "learned their lesson?" and TOLD them she is the one who called CPS on them because their kids were having fun in the rain.)

I'm just going to go ahead and leave the articles here as I saved them last August.  Links are included.


For modern parents, it seems every decision we make is subject to scrutiny. If you keep your kids too close, you're called a helicopter mom or accused of being overly attached. If you allow them some space, you're known as a free-range parent, called inattentive and with some extreme critics, even potentially called out for abusing your kids. It's exactly that line of outlandish thinking that recently led a woman to call CPS because she saw her neighbor's children playing outside in the rain.

An angry dad posted on Reddit after he says his neighbor threatened to report him and his wife for allowing their 5- and 7-year-old kids to play football in their front yard while it was raining. The Reddit user said it was a mild summer shower, with no thunder or lighting, and emphasized that his family lives in a cul-de-sac with a fenced-in yard. But according to their nosy neighbor, those explanations simply aren't good enough.

Their neighbor actually told the kids they had to go inside because of the rain. Then when their parents went out to talk to her, said allowing kids to play in the rain is neglect, and "CPS has been called for less." A few days later, she made good on her threat, and the family was actually investigated by a social worker. They came out of the investigation unscathed because, duh, playing in the rain in your own front yard is not a crime.

It takes a village to raise a child, but stories like this one make many parents want to abandon the village and live in isolation where they can't get shamed (or reported to the freaking authorities) for allowing their children to be children. Two decades ago, kids were tossed outside with their bikes and told not to come home until dinnertime. Now, a kid running around their own yard without a full security detail is seen as neglect. What the heck is happening to childhood?

For many parents, the world definitely feels like a scarier place. There are way too many stories in the news about school shootings, bullying, sexual abuse and online predators. It's tempting to be overly protective and not allow kids any freedom at all. But, there are many different ways to be a good parent, and it's unfair to try to force personal beliefs or fears on other people.

If someone doesn't like kids playing outside or eating certain foods or watching a certain number of hours of television, that's their prerogative. But disagreeing with a particular behavior does not make that behavior abusive, and it'd be a lot more helpful to both kids and their parents if everyone could stop going off the deep end whenever they encounter something they dislike.
If a person decides to interfere with someone else's parenting or place a call to CPS, there had better be a damn good reason. Otherwise, all that intervention is doing is wasting people's time, causing parents a ton of unnecessary stress, freaking little kids out and taking the focus off of children who are actually in danger — now there's a set of problems that are actually worth worrying about.

My kids (7 and 5) were outside playing in our front yard with a couple of kids from the neighborhood. They were playing football and other kinds of games for a while before it started to rain. It wasn't down pouring, but it started as a drizzle and soon processed into a steady stream. My wife and I knew it was raining, but didn't make the kids come in. The neighborhood kids were still playing outside with our boys. 

Eventually, the boys came in and I asked if they were done playing. They said that they still wanted to play, but the lady next door told them to go inside because it was raining. I told my kids that they didn't have to listen to her if they still wanted to play, so they went back out and continued to play. 

Again, the neighbor comes out and tells the boys to go back in the house. At this point, I went over to speak to her and told her that we don't mind if our kids get a little wet. She told me that it was considered neglect because our kids were "filthy" from the grass and mud. I assured her that our kids would be getting a bath when they came in for the night (just as they do every night). She still seemed annoyed and said that CPS has been called for less. I made the boys come in because it started to thunder and because I didn't want to be bothered by our neighbor. 

I have no idea if she is going to call CPS or not, but this behavior seemed a little extreme to me. Am I underreacting to my kids playing in the rain? Is there any real danger that my wife and I are apparently missing? Would CPS actually get involved if she were to call?

I posted this thread about two weeks ago and it received more attention that I expected. I was encouraged to post an update after talking briefly about our situation in an entirely different thread. I figured there may be some interest in how things turned out and I also wanted to get some advice on how to move forward with said neighbor. I'll try and keep it short.

Our neighbor did end up calling CPS on us for allowing our kids to play in the rain. I thought it was an empty threat, but we were prepared for a CPS visit just in case. The social worker was apparently told that we LOCKED our kids (including or 18 month old) outside in severe weather.

My wife explained that it was just our older two (7 and 5) and it was just rain. There was no thunder and no lightning at the time they were playing. We made them come in once the thunder started and they weren't locked out. They knew they could come in at any point. They wanted to play in the rain and we were cool with that. I wasn't home when the social worker came to visit, but my wife said that they questioned our older two boys after going over the situation with my wife.

They pretty much just asked the boys about that night and asked how often they take baths/showers, what time they go to bed, if their parents drink alcohol in the home, and things of that nature. My 5 year old apparently hurt his shoulder playing basketball at camp and was icing it when the social worker came in. Talk about horrible timing. They just asked him about it and fortunately our social worker didn't think anything of it. She said that scrapped knees, bumps, and bruises mean a kid is outside having fun and assured my wife that it was nothing to worry about. I was never even contacted by the social worker and we are now in the clear.

My wife was outside with our kids the following day and the neighbor asked her if she "learned her lesson" and admitted to calling CPS. My wife told our neighbor that she understands that we have a different parenting style than her, but the social worker affirmed that we did nothing wrong by allowing them to be outside in the rain. She asked the neighbor to not speak to our kids (neighbor told our kids to go inside when it was raining, told them to stop playing football because it was dangerous, etc.) and if she thinks they are doing something dangerous, then she should let one of us know. She (my wife) also added that it was ridiculous to call CPS over something so trivial, but the neighbor insisted that she believed it was abuse for kids to be running around in the rain. It didn't really go anywhere positive. She still thinks we are awful parents. Is there any way we can have a positive relationship with her? We love our neighborhood and would love to get along with this particular neighbor, but I feel like there is no going back at this point. Thanks for all the advice in the previous thread. You guys are awesome.

Another China #FAIL - I swear I'm not even looking for these!

You only THOUGHT you knew the famous Bob Marley quote.  Did you know it actually goes;
One love, one heart, one desting.
What?  You didn't?
Ok. I didn't either.  Silly me.  I always thought it was destiny.  *wink*

OVERMAL Decor,One Love Quote Removable Decal Room Wall Sticker Vinyl Art Home Decor

  • Size: 60*20CM
  • No transfer film needed, simply peel and stick
  • It can be applied to any smooth , clean and dry surface of walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc., not suitable for dirty or rough surface.
  • Style:Wall sticker
  • 100% GUARANTEE Love it !please notice:brand OVERMAL is only sold by seller OVERMAL

Sprints new 'lease only' change is a losing proposition for many customers: Hey Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure - I don't lease my car and I sure as hell don't want to 'lease' an overpriced phone from you.

Sprint doing away with 2 yr contracts and forcing everyone to leases

Hey Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure - I don't lease my car and I sure as hell don't want to 'lease' an overpriced phone from you.

You want me to pay YOU a monthly fee to lease a phone from YOU that I don't own.
AND a monthly service fee for a plan.
AND a monthly protection fee because if anything happens to that phone I don't own in the next 2 years, I would have to also pay you; A damage fee.
I have to pay you every friggin month for a phone, I want to own that phone.
I don't want to have the option to pay you ANOTHER $200 at the end of that 'lease' to buy the phone.

Some of us don't give a rat's ass about 'upgrading to the newest model phone" the nano-second it becomes available.
Some of us don't mind the option of a 2 year contract if we planned on staying with Sprint anyway and we are fine with accepting a not-newest-on-the-market low cost or free phone to use during that time. 


So now, let's just multiply the whole 'lease' thing by 5 shall we?

We've been Sprint customers for like, 13 years.
Sprint is NOT 'doing away with 2 year contracts" they are just calling them "24 month lease contracts" now.
So - still a 2 year contract - but you don't own your phone anymore.

YES I know T-mobile and ATT have been doing it this way for awhile.


Right now we pay a monthly plan fee. Period. That's it. And we get a new phone for free every 2 years with a renewed contract. It works for us. We like it.

We get to go from paying for our plan ONLY - (we don't have to pay for the phone and we own our own phones as we got them with our 2 yr contract and since it's our phone and we don't have to give it back to them and we don't have to a damage fee to them if it gets cracked, we don't have to pay a protection plan either).  JUST the plan.  That's it.  It's awesome and simple.

But now I get to sign a new 2 year contract (uh, 24 month lease) and not only pay for a plan, but 5 phones & protection plans because it's THEIR phone even after we pay for it for 2 years... and if it's damaged we have to pay them more.  And if we want to buy the phone after 2 years that we've been paying for, it will be another $150-200.



How does Sprint Lease work?

You’ll make a set monthly payment for 24 months, but you’re not paying off your phone to own it.  Nope, you are merely leasing or 'renting' the device from Sprint, and they still ‘own’ your phone.  After you pay every single month not only for the plan and the phone - Sprint will still own your phone.

If you want to keep your phone - after paying for it for 2 years already - you can pay an additional amount in order to purchase it.  Right now they say it will be around $150-200.  (ON TOP OF THE $1000 or whatever you've already paid for the right to simply use it for 2 years).

If you don't want to pay them a couple hundred dollars at the end of your lease, you can turn it back into them but guess what?  It has to be what they consider to be in perfect condition (and then start yet ANOTHER 2 year lease) or they (on a whim) can say;  Eh, it's not good enough.  NOW we want you to pay a 'damage' fee too!

And they are really pushing their "Sprint’s iPhone for Life agreement"because they stupidly think EVERYONE WANTS THE LATEST AND GREATEST IPHONE FOR THEIR WHOLE LIVES.

They are going to look at your credit history and either make you pay a big fee of about $150-200 up front and then lease their stupid phone from them per month or if your credit is ok, you don't have to put money down up front but you're goinhg to pay about $20-30 a month (PER PHONE - remember we are a family of 5) per month for the next 2 years.




WIN/WIN situation for SPRINT but complete crap for me, the customer - the family who have been customers of Sprint for like 13 years.

They want to convince you it's actually saving you money.

For some, sure.  But no.  It's not.

If you normally pay big bucks for the latest phone every year or two when it hits the market and you don't care if you own the phone, are ok paying someone else to RENT their phone and having to pay more for a protection plan or pay a damage fee at the end...  ok.

But for the rest of us?  Not ok.


If you decide to cancel your lease before the 24-month lease term is up, Sprint will require you to pay the remaining lease payments - as well as the Purchase Option Price.  

If you decide to return your phone to Sprint, you'll receive an account credit to the value of the Purchase Option Price, provided the device is in good working condition. But you won't be refunded the extra monthly lease payments you made in order to cancel your contract.

If you decide to keep leasing the phone month-by-month after your agreement ends, you can keep paying the same monthly amount for as long as you wish to lease your device. However, if instead of paying $0 down, you were required to make a down payment when you signed your lease, be careful.  Although you’ve been paying a reduced monthly payment so far, if you continue to lease after two years, your payment will go up to the original monthly amount quoted for $0 upfront customers .

Luke's Diner is popping up everywhere. Here's where to find your coffee fix today.

Luke's Coffee - No man buns allowed.

Where to find free Luke's Coffee today - October 5, 2016

Does anyone sing about Wednesday? They shouldn't.

Got ready to write "Wednesday" in the title of this post and thought of that horrible "Friday" song from a few years ago.  
And thought; Even Rebecca Black knew not to write or sing about Wednesday.

Does anyone sing about Wednesday?
It seems they do but I can't think of who!

So I checked and YES people do sing about Wednesday. (Sadly)


Tori Amos - Wednesday
John Frusciante - Wednesday's Song
wednesday and i'm happy
The Happy Wednesday Song
"IF TODAY IS WEDNESDAY" original song... Danny Boy Squire...  Three Dog ...
Royal Guardsman "Any Wednesday" 1967

But they really shouldn't.
Because they are all THAT BAD.

Even this one is bad - but it's the best of the bad.  And so here, without further adieu is the Wednesday Cheesy Song for y'all.

Chris Moyles - The Wednesday Cheesy Song 2011 (HQ)

Good morning sleepy people, a new day has arrived!
You went to sleep, and then woke up, so welcome!  You survived!
So now it's time to start your day!  Come on, get up, get dressed!
Just take it easy.  Do not rush.  Don't get yourself too stressed.
Do not rush about the place like an angry Donkey Kong!
And that rhyme leads us right into our Wednesday Cheesy Song!

Good Morning!  From the Chris Moyles Show! (repeat it a few times)

Hello my name is Richard. I do this every day.
Singing jingles on the air, it's how I earn my pay.
I saved up all my money and took a flight out to Hong Kong.
And then I flew straight back again to sing the Wednesday Cheesy Song.

Good Morning from the Chris Moyles Show! (repeat it a few times)
It's a national radio show!
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My new 'household item' love - a collapsible storage bin! Like a big plastic tote only better because it stores flat.

Well, here is a random post for you over morning coffee!  This is one of my new 'awesome' finds I decided to share.  It's called the CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin. And no, this is not a sponsored post - I bought these myself and loved them.  So, yesterday I bought a couple more and I thought I'd chat about them over coffee.

About 3 weeks ago I was in my local Sam's Club and saw these bins.  They had two sizes, one just a tiny bit smaller than the other and had open lattice like sides and one a couple inches bigger but more sturdy and solid sides.  At the time I decided to buy 1 of the smaller size, test it out and come back to buy more if I liked it.

As most of you probably know, when you shop at a membership warehouse, they don't bag your food so carrying it into the house can be a major pain in the butt.  In our home, carrying in groceries involves at least 1 flight of stairs.  That afternoon I used the new crate and oh my gosh - I was hooked.  And best of all?  When you are done, you simply push in the ends and the sides fold up and it's a flat storage option instead of taking up all the space of a typical clear storage bin!

Because I knew I wanted 2 of them to keep in the back of the car or truck for myself and I wanted to get 2 more for my daughter in college who hauls things back and forth, I went back the next day to buy about 5 more of the smaller size.  And they were gone!!!!

I happened to see the store manager on the floor so I asked about them.  She went so far as to check with another store in the city near us to see if they had any of the smaller size left but nope.  Gone.  I guess everyone else loved them as much as I did.

They still had the larger more sturdy versions, so I bought two of them instead.  They really are better, more durable, sturdy and hold more.  I was just looking for the smaller size only because they were half the price and I really did not have any 'extra' funds as these were coming out of our grocery budget.

I've been using them over the past couple weeks and realized I didn't want to give 2 of them up to my college daughter when she comes home for Fall break this week, so yesterday I went back to Sam's Club and bought 3 more!  They are about $20 online (roughly) and Sam's currently has them for just under $11.

I cannot tell you enough how I love them.  Normally when I return from getting groceries or going to Lowe's, etc. I struggle with carrying up to 10 plastic bags in my hands and on my arms - cutting off circulation and getting painful purple fingers and deep marks in my arms and on my wrists (you all know what I'm talking about!)  But I found I can put those same 10 bags into 1 crate and carry it up the stairs and into the kitchen with no problem... and no purple fingers or painful wrists.

If you have a Sam's near you, you can find them there right now as of this post, but I did go online and saw they are available through Amazon as well.  They are called CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bins and I also saw they have 2 other styles - one is even more durable for use in the garage, etc.

Now, back to my morning coffee.

You might also be interested in these related products available through Amazon;

CleverMade CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin/Container: 62 Liter Solid Wall Utility Basket/Tote, Royal Blue
CleverMade CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin/Container: 45 Liter Utility Basket/Tote, Kiwi Green, 4 Pack
CleverMade CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin/Container: 32 Liter Solid Wall Utility Basket/Tote, Black
CleverMade CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin/Container: Professional Grade 46 Liter Utility Basket/Tote, Grey, 3 Pack