Does Amazon Price Match? Only on televisions.

Like many of my Coffee Talking posts, they are born from my own needs, research or shopping.  This morning I was looking up an item of furniture that is sold numerous places, including Amazon.  It was listed for $119 on Amazon but I can get the exact brand, model and color at Walmart, Jet, Hayneedle, Toys R Us, etc. for $99 and most offer free shipping.   However, I have a $100 gift credit on Amazon and wanted to use it so I was hoping to buy it there and not Walmart, Toys R Us, etc. 

That is what led me to check if Amazon offers price matching.
And they do.
But only for TV's.

From Amazon:

About Price Matching

Amazon.com consistently works toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry and will match the price of other retailers for some items.
Amazon.com will price match eligible purchases of televisions with select other retailers. For all other items, Amazon.com doesn't offer price matching.

Well, that doesn't help ME out at all, but I realized it might help some of my readers.  So... there you have it.  No price matching for furniture on Amazon.