Does anyone sing about Wednesday? They shouldn't.

Got ready to write "Wednesday" in the title of this post and thought of that horrible "Friday" song from a few years ago.  
And thought; Even Rebecca Black knew not to write or sing about Wednesday.

Does anyone sing about Wednesday?
It seems they do but I can't think of who!

So I checked and YES people do sing about Wednesday. (Sadly)


Tori Amos - Wednesday
John Frusciante - Wednesday's Song
wednesday and i'm happy
The Happy Wednesday Song
"IF TODAY IS WEDNESDAY" original song... Danny Boy Squire...  Three Dog ...
Royal Guardsman "Any Wednesday" 1967

But they really shouldn't.
Because they are all THAT BAD.

Even this one is bad - but it's the best of the bad.  And so here, without further adieu is the Wednesday Cheesy Song for y'all.

Chris Moyles - The Wednesday Cheesy Song 2011 (HQ)

Good morning sleepy people, a new day has arrived!
You went to sleep, and then woke up, so welcome!  You survived!
So now it's time to start your day!  Come on, get up, get dressed!
Just take it easy.  Do not rush.  Don't get yourself too stressed.
Do not rush about the place like an angry Donkey Kong!
And that rhyme leads us right into our Wednesday Cheesy Song!

Good Morning!  From the Chris Moyles Show! (repeat it a few times)

Hello my name is Richard. I do this every day.
Singing jingles on the air, it's how I earn my pay.
I saved up all my money and took a flight out to Hong Kong.
And then I flew straight back again to sing the Wednesday Cheesy Song.

Good Morning from the Chris Moyles Show! (repeat it a few times)
It's a national radio show!
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