My new 'household item' love - a collapsible storage bin! Like a big plastic tote only better because it stores flat.

Well, here is a random post for you over morning coffee!  This is one of my new 'awesome' finds I decided to share.  It's called the CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin. And no, this is not a sponsored post - I bought these myself and loved them.  So, yesterday I bought a couple more and I thought I'd chat about them over coffee.

About 3 weeks ago I was in my local Sam's Club and saw these bins.  They had two sizes, one just a tiny bit smaller than the other and had open lattice like sides and one a couple inches bigger but more sturdy and solid sides.  At the time I decided to buy 1 of the smaller size, test it out and come back to buy more if I liked it.

As most of you probably know, when you shop at a membership warehouse, they don't bag your food so carrying it into the house can be a major pain in the butt.  In our home, carrying in groceries involves at least 1 flight of stairs.  That afternoon I used the new crate and oh my gosh - I was hooked.  And best of all?  When you are done, you simply push in the ends and the sides fold up and it's a flat storage option instead of taking up all the space of a typical clear storage bin!

Because I knew I wanted 2 of them to keep in the back of the car or truck for myself and I wanted to get 2 more for my daughter in college who hauls things back and forth, I went back the next day to buy about 5 more of the smaller size.  And they were gone!!!!

I happened to see the store manager on the floor so I asked about them.  She went so far as to check with another store in the city near us to see if they had any of the smaller size left but nope.  Gone.  I guess everyone else loved them as much as I did.

They still had the larger more sturdy versions, so I bought two of them instead.  They really are better, more durable, sturdy and hold more.  I was just looking for the smaller size only because they were half the price and I really did not have any 'extra' funds as these were coming out of our grocery budget.

I've been using them over the past couple weeks and realized I didn't want to give 2 of them up to my college daughter when she comes home for Fall break this week, so yesterday I went back to Sam's Club and bought 3 more!  They are about $20 online (roughly) and Sam's currently has them for just under $11.

I cannot tell you enough how I love them.  Normally when I return from getting groceries or going to Lowe's, etc. I struggle with carrying up to 10 plastic bags in my hands and on my arms - cutting off circulation and getting painful purple fingers and deep marks in my arms and on my wrists (you all know what I'm talking about!)  But I found I can put those same 10 bags into 1 crate and carry it up the stairs and into the kitchen with no problem... and no purple fingers or painful wrists.

If you have a Sam's near you, you can find them there right now as of this post, but I did go online and saw they are available through Amazon as well.  They are called CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bins and I also saw they have 2 other styles - one is even more durable for use in the garage, etc.

Now, back to my morning coffee.

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