Rambling over coffee: Me and my Truck. (And how Gilmore Girls pretty much nailed with the car shopping episode)

Once upon a time I needed a new vehicle.
I only buy vehicles every 100 years because I hate the process, but also because I hate everything on the road - they all look the same, nothing gives me that 'feeling' and so I tend to keep vehicles for a really, really long time when I DO find one that is 'mine'.

My current truck is a 2003 Land Rover.  I love it even though it's quirky and temperamental and is getting pretty expensive to fix.
But I love it.
I love that it doesn't have all the upgraded doo-dads I find repulsive.
I love that it doesn't have electronic 'everything' which only breaks down and makes life hell and costs too much to fix.
I love that I have a real key. A key lock on the door. A cigarette lighter and ashtray even though I've never smoked a day in my life.
It's rugged.  It can go through creeks and shallow rivers.  It can climb the steep hill behind our house that a car or other vehicle would pee its pants to try.
I love the jump seats in the back.  The rack on the top.
I don't mind the irritating things it does that only I know how to deal with such as the 10+ year now issue of it starting in 'limp home mode' with both dashboard lights flashing for sport and utility mode and you can't drive it so you have to restart it until it starts in normal mode.
I don't mind that the seals leak because instead of spending $1200 to fix them I'm cool with putting in oil every few weeks.  The outside is in perfect condition because not only has it only been parked inside a garage for the past 11 years, if you ride to the store with me, be prepared to walk through the parking lot.  I will be 'that person' who parks way at the end of the lot, where I have at least 3 empty spaces on each side of so "no one dings my doors".
Ah, I love my truck.

But for the past 5 years all the men in my life, including mechanics, have told me I should just buy a new truck.

I've told them for 5 years I don't want to.

I don't like anything out there.  Everything looks the same and they don't make MY truck anymore.  They stopped making this model in 2004 and nothing out there looks and feels like "my truck".   That I don't get "that feeling" when I look at other vehicles.

And that even though my engine has had some serious issues in the last couple years and may or may not be dead in my drive way at this very second (because, well, it is) I would rather pay someone to put a whole new engine in MY truck than buy a new truck.

And I'm told by my husband, my brother, my Dad and 2 mechanics that I'm being ridiculous!  LOL.

But I know I'm not the only one because I was watching some old episodes of Gilmore Girls and guess what I saw?

Not only do I talk fast, live on coffee, have a similar relationship with my daughter, and have a very similar quirky personality to Lorelai, but apparently we share the same penchant for only wanting to drive our trucks - that give us 'that' feeling.

Now, if only I had a angel like Luke in my life to show up at my door and tell me he found a 2003 Land Rover Discovery II on Craigslist and he went to check it out and it's in perfect shape, the guy took care of it and I could get it for $1500 and Gypsy would put that engine in MY truck...  all would be right in the universe.

Yes, I'm well aware it's not going to happen.
But oh how my heart burst with happiness when I saw that someone, somewhere, who wrote this episode of the show knew EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY TRUCK!!!!!!

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