I wonder how this turned out!? FedEx apparently charged this customer $44,000 to send 3 DVD disks!?

I was sipping coffee and reading some reviews on the Pissed Consumer website - which I can only do once in a great while and in small doses because often the complaints are ridiculously stupid or petty and they always repeat themselves.  HOW many times can I read "I've spent good money there and I'm switching to your competitor!"? The competitor has just as many complaints, if not MORE...

Anyway!  So I'm reading through and I see this one.  What?????   I can't help but wonder how this turned out.


Source:  https://fedex.pissedconsumer.com/fedex-charged-us-44k-for-just-three-dvd-disks-20150128587865.html

Fedex charged us $44K for just THREE DVD DISKS
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Mesa, Arizona Jan 28, 2015 1459 views 9 comments

Update added by user Apr 14, 2015

Latest update: Fedex sent us a collection letter for $50K. I am look for a customer protection attorney for this case.
Original review posted by user Jan 28, 2015

We mailed 3 DVD disks to my friend in China.After the package got received, Fedex sent us an invoice saying that we owe them $44286.10.

We called the invoice department and the lady told us not to worry about the invoice so we just relaxed. One month later, another invoice came. It just said we have "passed the due of payment". This is ridiculous!

We went to their station and the guy in the station has zero knowledge of "invoice". The actual weight is 0.5 lbs, how did they get the weight of 4000 lbs? They said they "input the wrong height". But did they fix the error?

No.They did nothing but keep sending you bills.