Growing, Roasting and brewing your own coffee?

Originally this was part of a longer post from a couple years ago.  I came across that old post today about growing your own Arabica Coffee Bean Plant and though; "Wow, I really rambled!"  It was long.  So I cut the bottom half off and am putting it here in it's own post.  :)

While doing research for that old post I saw this book listed;  "The Little Coffee Know-It-All".  I have no idea if he really knows it all or not... but I thought I'd include it here.

A roaster available for affordable home use (meaning... not hundreds and thousands of dollars) is this one;


Just for fun I'm going to include this little kit...  it got bad reviews because people planted the little beans and for the most part they didn't grow quickly... but I also saw in the reviews that some people were thinking they would have coffee beans ready for picking and roasting within a month or two.  When they read the instructions included, saw it would take upwards of 3 years before the plants would produce.  Of course,  you and I know that because I mentioned above that it's a process taking 3-8 years... but for those wanting a little science project producing results as quick as say, a bean plant for instance, they are going to be disappointed.

science project