Busy Nights and Barber Foods

I am a BzzAgent and I received a sample of this product in exchange for my honest opinions.

Just a quick 2 minute break from the hectic schedules we all seem to have this month, to let you know about a grocery product I got to try to review from Barber Foods.  Their stuffed raw chicken breasts are a quick (35 minutes) dinner option for when you don't want to invest a lot of time in cooking but you want a healthy, yummy and hot meal on the table.

We actually used this product before they contacted me - it's something I often have in the freezer as our whole family loves them.  With 13 different varieties, it's easy to find one even your picky eaters will like.

Cordon Bleu
Broccoli & Cheese
Crème Brie & Apple
Scallop & Lobster Stuffing
Chicken Parmesan
Seasoned Homestyle Stuffing
Seasoned Mushroom & Swiss
Seasoned Broccoli & Cheese
Seasoned Cordon Bleu
Asparagus & Cheese
Seasoned Spinach Florentine
Loaded Baked Potato

Just unwrap, pop them into the oven and the aroma that fills the house while they cook will remind you of meals of your childhood when Grandma or Mom would painstakingly pound chicken breasts, fill them with a favorite filling and then bread them before baking.  You get the same aroma and flavor but a lot less work.

Paired with a vegetable or pasta, it's a quick and easy dinner that tastes like you worked harder than you did.  Got guests coming for the holidays?  Busy Christmas shopping and need something hot and filling but easy to make?  These are available at most grocery stores and are easy to keep a handful in your freezer for busy nights.

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