Rambling over coffee.... 3 random news articles from today: Difficult Co-workers, AL botching a death on death row and a 20 year old who leaves her two babies home alone for 9 days and one dies....

Coffee break!

So, I'm reading the news and although there are probably 10 different stories I initially wanted to comment on, I grabbed 3 of them at random as I have a serious lack of time here.  It's a QUICK coffee break.

First off - I skimmed through this one quickly.  (Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/e61d62b2-d07e-3910-9de5-33dd20874a3a/4-types-of-difficult.html)  It's about the 4 most difficult types of personalities of co-workers and how to deal with them....

"Everyone wants to work in a friendly and productive environment, 
but sometimes even one bad co-worker can make getting your job done 
seem near impossible."

Ahhh. Coworkers.
Since I'm now in my 40's and no longer a know-it-all 20-something with like, 5 years experience to build on; boy have I seen a plethora of personalities.  And another facet of that thought is that with age, came maturity and wisdom - and I can see now that the personalities that drove me crazy as a working 16 year old, a 20 year old, or a 35 year old are different.  To put it simply:  What I considered a difficult co-worker at 16, isn't necessarily as awful as I would have found them at 25.

One of the co-workers I've always considered awful to work with are the lazy ones.  The ones that try to 'look' busy but accomplish nothing. Sometimes our jobs haven't overlapped so it didn't directly reflect on me or effect me but other jobs I've had to take on their tasks to pull off the final project or the project would fail, I would have looked bad, or the company would have lost face in one way or another.  The frustrating thing about those people is when you don't really have recourse to TELL anyone that person is a complete fake, phony and loser.  Luckily they often dig themselves into a hole, the truth comes out and they are fired... but this is real life.  We all know that sometimes they manage to kiss butt, skate by or you have a blind boss who doesn't see it and promotes them.  Ah life... it can suck sometimes.

One of the co-workers that stands out in my mind that dug her own 'hole' and got fired wasn't actually fired for being lazy, shirking her duties or anything remotely related to the piss-poor job she did.  Instead, she was stealing from the company and got caught.  I guess that's karma for you in a weird way.


Another story from today was this one:  (Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/alabama-inmate-coughs-heaves-during-execution-injection-122007733.html) - An Alabama inmate coughed repeatedly and his upper body heaved for at least 13 minutes during an execution using a drug that has previously been used in problematic lethal injections in at least three other states.

"Robert Dunham is executive director of the Death Penalty 
Information Center, a nonprofit that does not take an official stance
on capital punishment  but is critical of its application. 
He said Smith's execution reinforces the argument that 
midazolam shouldn't be used in executions.

"What occurred during the execution itself is exactly 
what the medical experts have been saying is likely to occur 
when midazolam is asked to do something 
that drug is not designed to do," he said. 
"It is not designed to render somebody unconscious and insensate."

Seriously people?  YOU HAD ONE JOB.........
I'm not going to take 15 minutes or so to google this topic, but the first thing that came to mind was this...  why not overdose them with morphine?  Wouldn't that work?
When my Mother was hospitalized for a minor surgery, the inept nursing staff overdosed her with morphine and another pain medication given at the same time.  She slowly went 'out of it' although her eyes remained open.  Her breathing slowed. As she was dying (an alarm was raised by my father, nursing and then doctors rushed to her room and quickly worked to bring her back from the brink - and yes, later they actually admitted they screwed up but that's a whole other story)... where was I?  OH.  So when she was overdosed with pain meds and was dying, she said later it was perfectly simple.  She said she just "went to sleep".  No pain, no knowledge of what was happening to her or even when her body was shutting down.
So every time I see news articles of inmates on death row dying horrible deaths because people are using a bunch of different drugs that aren't working... I can't help but think;  "Why aren't you just overdosing them with pain meds?"

There might be a good reason - but like I said, I am not going to look it up or study it.  Just not that interested.


Another piss poor parent: (Source:  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38248836) -Ukrainian prosecutors are questioning a 20-year-old mother after she allegedly left two toddlers in her flat for nine days, and one starved to death.

"The mother, Vladislava Podchapko, had gone to her partner's flat, 
without leaving food at home, reports say.
Her son Daniil, aged one year and 11 months, died  
and his sister Anya, nearly three, remained in the Kiev flat 
with the dead body for three more days, until the mother returned."

Ok so... I actually don't have words for this one.


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