Boycotting Starbucks? Here are some coffee deals in BULK size to help you out - 100 Count Cases of K-cups for $49 - 80 (depending on brand/variety)

When you add up the cost per cup brewed at home into your travel mug, not only are you saving about $2 - $7 per drink (depending on the kind/variety/flavor) you get, but you are cutting TIME off your morning commute as well.  You can sleep in an extra 10 minutes or more, depending on how long it takes you to do your morning coffee run.

We buy our k-cups in cases of 80-100 count. I typically just pick up a case at the local membership warehouse when I do our grocery shopping, but I also sometimes order online.  If you are looking for any variety packs, flavored or something other than the typical 2-3 brands, you won't find them locally so you pretty much have to order the case online.  My family members also order online;  one uses the actual Keurig site for all her ordering (I've ordered from them many times but not recently) and another family member just orders a case online from whatever site he happens to find the best price on.

If you have Amazon Prime (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) or if you are placing an order that is over $49 you can almost always get free shipping - and a lot of items are free shipping by the seller anyway no matter what the total of the order is.

So here are a few "100 count" bulk cases of k-cups to get you started on your search to save money on your morning coffee fix - or to boycott Starbucks if that is your personal plan.





GREEN TEA (popular):