Fake Mozilla Update: firefox-patch.js (often popping up on Yahoo Mail)

At 7:00 this morning I decided I'd do a quick post on the 'fake' Firefox Mozilla update that is tricking a lot of people into downloading.  However, as life usually does, things went a different way and it's already 10:00 am and I kept getting pulled away.

Instead of a quick post...  I just decided to do a REALLY quick post.

This is a screenshot I took of the FAKE update.
Note it's not from mozilla - it's from a random site called chongwhbash.org but more important to mention is that the download site changes ALL THE TIME.  So the particular site it's redirecting to doesn't so much matter (there can be hundreds) but the fact that it is not from Mozilla.

Second, it's a firefox-patch.js file - which the real updates are not.

Just exit the page and close it out.  

You can see your latest Firefox version by clicking on help in your browser and clicking on "ABOUT FIREFOX" and it will say what edition you have and if you are up to date.  They NEVER do a full page browser pop up like this.

And that's about all I have time for right now.  

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