One Minute History with your Coffee: When and How did the Political Parties Begin?

How did the Republican Party begin?

The Republican Party, one of the two principal political parties of the United States awas founded in 1854 by those opposing the extension of slavery into the new territories.  The party mustered enough support to elect their candidate in 1860, Abraham Lincoln.  During the 1880's party members nicknamed themselves the Grand Old Party; the vestige of this nickname is still around today, as the GOP.

How did the Democratic Party begin?

The other - and older - principal party in the United States today, the Democratic Party was founded around electing Thomas Jefferson to office in 1800 (against Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Party).  The party's platform favored personal liberty and the limited of federal government.  Installing Jefferson in office, the party - then called the Democratic Republicans - went on to get its candidates int o the White House for the next 25 years.  In 1828 they became known simply as Democrats, dropping the suffix.


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