Rambling Over Coffee: You can't buy alcohol here on Sunday... and we can't cook with it either.

This morning the short little 'ponder' over coffee is about silly and outdated liquor laws still enforced in some states - or in some counties.

Mr. Coffee (my husband) and I took advantage of a special overnight offer at a cabin/lodge about two hours away from our home.  We arrived on a Sunday and were staying just one night.  As we entered the lodge restaurant that evening for dinner there was a small notation in the menu stating that alcohol cannot be served on Sundays in that particular county.  Not a problem.  My husband just didn't order a beer with dinner and I don't usually drink anyway.  We ordered our meals;  I ordered Burgundy Steak - which was steak served topped with mushrooms sauteed in wine.

The waitress took our orders as usual and later, brought them to the table.

I could only chuckle out loud.

The mushrooms topping my steak were just plain old fried mushrooms.

I found out that adhering to their county law that went all the way back to the days of prohibition also, apparently meant mushrooms couldn't be COOKED in wine on Sundays either.

True Story.  I verified with the server that yep... no wine on Sundays includes no cooking with it.

Had our dinner been on Saturday or Monday my mushrooms would have been cooked in red wine.
As it was, it was a Sunday so they were just fried in butter.

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